Being an entrepreneur means you have to be on top of your game. There are many time wasters online that will hold you back from being successful.

Time wasters are something that hold you back from working to your fullest potential.

Time wasters are how you lose business and stop earning anything worth waking up to be an entrepreneur for.

This year, I want you to start making your worth and spending your time wisely.

That’s why I’m sharing some of the story that’s held me back for 14 years. I want to share how I use the concept of time wasters to nail down a solid work at home schedule for maximum productivity.

What are examples of time wasters?

There are many time wasters online. If you’re wondering what are examples of time wasters, then here are some examples:

  • Frequently checking email.
  • Surfing social media newsfeeds.
  • Replying to messages/emails instantly.
  • Answering questions that someone can easily find on their own.
  • Not putting your rates on your business site.
  • Answering questions without payment.
  • Saying yes when you should say no.

Those are just the top time wasters at work that I’ve encountered over the last 14 years of being an entrepreneur. Working at home requires a huge level of self-motivation and dedication.

You can’t make a serious living when you’re spending time answering the dumb questions from people who can’t click thru to your site to find the answers.

You can’t make a serious living when you’re spending hours upon hours checking your email and responding to emails all day long.

You can’t make a serious living when you continuously respond to people that you know won’t pay you what you’re time and expertise is worth.

How can we avoid time wasters?

Now that you have a general idea of what time wasters are and how they can hold you back from making a serious living working from home, it’s time to discuss some ways you can avoid time wasters.

Track Your Working Hours

One method I started to implement is tracking my work hours. I use to track hours worked in each area of my 7 streams of income. Start tracking how much time you’re spending on each task. My account tracks the following:

  • Freelance Writing – Monthly/Weekly Clients
  • Freelance Writing – FB Content Sales
  • My Blogs – Research SEO, writing content, creating Pin images, etc.
  • Checking Email, Dropping Chore Threads, Answering Messages
  • Completing Chore Threads
  • Freelance Writing – Backlogged/Bulk Orders

I stop and start the time during each task to help me remain focused on what task I’m doing. This is a fabulous way to start working more intentionally and avoid time wasters at work.

Turn Off Notifications

Be sure to shut off notifications on all devices. If you have your work computer set to alert you for new emails, social media notifications or anything else, turn them off.

If your smartphone is near you during work hours, set it to silent or vibrate. This will ensure you’re only focused on the task at hand. When you make a commitment to be intentional with your work hours, you’ll quickly see that you’re more efficient and start to have a better flow during your workday.

Set Times for Each Task

I don’t have a planner set out with specified times for each task as an entrepreneur, but I tend to be robotic in how I’m working now that I started tracking my work hours.

If my app is running for My Blogs, then that’s all I do. I write the content, create my Pin images, research keywords and finalize the content for my blogs.

If my app is running for monthly clients freelance writing, then that’s all I focus on. I use Asana to set a task list and look at the calendar view of my tasks to remain focused on each task during my day.

Remain Firm

When I started working from home in 2006 I was a different person. I knew that I was following my gut in business. I just knew working from home was meant for me and I just went headfirst into it.

I have faced some extremely difficult situations over the last 14 years of being an entrepreneur. My people-pleasing mentality thru me for a hard loop in both business and personal life.

My biggest lesson learned is that you cannot be a people pleaser in business. Sure you can aim to make sure the customer is satisfied, but you should never, ever, ever sell yourself short just to please someone else.

Remain firm in your rates, your skill, and your value.

Do not let someone talk you down to some low ball rate that will leave you being angry while you work.

The right people will pay you for your skill.

The right people will not take advantage of you.

I cannot count how many times someone that I liked, whether it was a fellow blogger I’ve known for years or someone I just held to a higher level than me talked me down in my rates.

I sat back, worked for pennies and felt used.

While they sat back, paid for cheap labor, and become richer.


Stay Focused

There aren’t any hard feelings towards those people. They just wanted to pay less because that’s what business is all about; making top dollar. If they were paying me my true value then it cuts out of their top earnings.

I get it.

But when 2020 started arriving, I knew I was going to refuse to be stomped on. I knew I was going to stand firm on my worth and increase my freelance writing rates for the first time in 14 years.

Guess what happened?

When I stayed focused on removing time wasters from my work at home business, I found that the right people were more than happy to pay these rates. I found that I work fewer hours and have more balance in my life.

Always stay focused on what’s best for your business. Don’t worry about what other people think or feel, they’re not running your business. When you start getting focused on removing time wasters at work and demand your worth, you’ll lose some people.

It’s okay.

The handful of nos you get will eventually turn into big YES’s and you’ll soon see that you feel more confident, stop aiming to please, and avoid the time wasters that have sucked your entrepreneurial spirit dry.

Expert Tips to Overcome Time Wasters

Why is time management so important?

Finally, the best way to avoid time wasters is to use time management skills. All of the tips and stories I shared today will help you comprehend where and how you’re wasting time in your business life.

I don’t care if it’s hard.

Things worth doing and having are hard.

I don’t care if you think this is horrible.

I believe business is a two-way street; yes you need clients, but you also need to be earning what you’re worth. Why do you think I don’t do those big blog campaigns that I used to love doing with my previous blog, Happily Blended?

Because they pay you very little for the time you invest in the work. Period.

The key to success in entrepreneurship is to be confident, know your worth, and track your hours so that you can see where you should spend your time. Remember that you deserve to earn a living too, stop taking pennies on the dollar just to pay for gas in the car or a one-night family meal.

It’s not worth it and you’ll end up working for years just trying to earn anything worth a lick to support your family or push your business farther.

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