What To Do When You Don’t Feel Like Working

Ever have a day where you feel your motivation switch is turned all the way off? On those days I find it hard to even want to get around and start the day! How do you get motivated on those types of days? I have some tips on what to do when you don’t feel like working but have to. It isn’t like we can have sick days when those days happen. If we could that would be totally awesome!

You might have a deadline that is inching closer and you don’t have the option to procrastinate one more day. Can you imagine the release of stress and guilt that bottles up when you know you have a huge checklist of the tasks that has to get done?  When we trick our brain and work through and force ourselves to get the job done, you will start to feel more accomplished and less stressed after a productive day.

Get Work Done When you Don’t Feel Like Working

Get Work Done When you Don't Feel Like Working


Reward Before You Start

This might sound weird but treat yourself before you begin. Whether you like an ice cold soda, coffee, or a sweet treat, do so. This will help increase your dopamine level and give you a boost to push through.

Start Small

Write out a list of your tasks and work with the smallest task on the list. Then as you check that one off you will already feel like you are making progress. It trick’s your brain into seeing smaller items marked off and gives you that energy boost.


Put on your favorite music in the background. This is a great way to help give you something to enjoy besides sitting or working in silence.

Clean Workspace

Make sure that you have a clean and organized workspace. When you sit down to work you will feel more relaxed instead of stressed because of the clutter. Make sure to clean your workstation each time you use it, so when you come to sit down it is fresh and clean and that in itself can help you put the focus on what needs to be worked on.

Have Friends Help

If you can join working forces with friends. Whether you sit in close proximity and do your own tasks, or join forces to tackle the task at hand. Having a person to talk to and work with can really help you not feel like you are working as much and help the time go by faster. Before you know it your work will be complete.

Reward After

Just like in the beginning you start with a reward, why not end with one. If you complete your to-do list of work, then treat yourself. Maybe go for an ice cream, or dine out for the night, whatever you would feel is a treat. It will give you a reason to keep pushing through to get your work done.

What do you do to help motivate yourself along the way?


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