Find Yourself To Get Over A Relationship Breakdown

When you go through a messy breakup, it can be challenging to find yourself once again. For too long, you have become reliant on another human being that may not have treated you kindly. No matter how amicable a breakup may seem, it can take its toll emotionally. Even if you are the one doing the breaking up, it can be difficult to say goodbye to the person that you have fallen out of love with. Many breakups aren’t pleasant and these can be the toughest to move on from. However, it is possible. While you might currently be sobbing into your tub of ice cream, you will be a strong and confident person once again.

Be Mindful

It’s crucial that you can fill your time with mindfulness activities that can help you to relax and relieve your anxieties. Being mindful can allow you to focus on yourself rather than everything that’s going on around you. Couple this with yoga and enjoy strengthening your core while you move your body into different postures. Breathing exercises will keep you grounded and you may find yourself slipping into a meditative state. This can help you to remain more positive, your mood can be lifted, and you can enjoy being more optimistic about the future.

Moving Forward

Wallowing in self-pity is a very natural human state to seek when you go through a relationship breakdown. However, you cannot remain lonely and stagnant forever. You need to find your confidence once again. Messy breakups can result in periods of denial and regret. You might long for your ex-partner to stroll back through your door. They may promise to head to sex addiction counselling, they might beg your forgiveness, or they may promise that they’ve changed. Going back into an unhealthy relationship will prevent you from moving forward. It’s crucial that you cut all ties – at least for the short term, while you work on yourself and move forward.

Do something new – go travelling, learn a language, take up an instrument, and enrol for an evening class at college. Getting out there, meeting new people, and focusing your mind on a healthier pursuit will enhance your confidence and improve your self-esteem. Boosting your morale will help you to get over a breakup and feel positive.


While you may have wanted your partner to change for months before your breakup, now is the time for you to change. At a shallow level, you might change up your wardrobe or enjoy a new hairstyle. But on a more spiritual level, you may decide to work out what really makes you tick. Perhaps you want to get outdoors and be closer to nature. Or maybe you want to investigate numerology as a way to help you understand the universe around you. Making new friends, starting a new job, or moving house can help you change spiritually and emotionally.

Getting over a relationship breakdown is tough, but make the effort to find yourself and you can move forward with confidence.


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