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Fun Ways to Make a Little Extra Cash

If you didn’t see this collapse of all things coming, then you are not alone! There are many families out there hurting emotionally, financially, and some physically right now, and during this season of high prices and hard-to-find jobs that work for you (so I’m hearing), I wanted to provide a little gift of hope.

The hope comes in the form of some fun ways to make a little extra cash on the side or as a part-time bonus at home. Hey, if you’re sitting at home making zero dollars? These will be a fun bonus. If you’re looking to dine out and get paid? Then you’ll love the secret shopper deal below, too!

I have a variety of ideas stemming from affiliate programs that seem to have a positive success rate, while others are just unique ways to use your skills from home to make a little extra cash this fall, winter, and perhaps even the spring of 2024 season.

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How can I make real money from home?

There are many ways to make real money from home. Take me, for example, I earn a living being a ghostwriter for brands & bloggers. I didn’t start with this though, I started as a blogger who makes some cash from home, flipped aka sold that blog (buy my guide on how to do this here), and started new ones.

So one could say I am a ghostwriter or freelance writer who makes money selling text to brands and bloggers on the internet. This is a skill that anyone who loves to write can do, but it takes a bit of time to develop the cash flow. For me? It took 16 years and a lot of adapting along the way. Today, I am sharing some side gig-type options to make real money from home, not the build a business plan for long term success (yet).

These ideas can be done today, and be making cash within a week, at some level. This is based on hearing ideas and success stories from others who have used these ideas or programs to make real money from home.

Join an Affiliate Program

If you’re influential online via social media or have a blog of your own, you can join Cactus Media for affiliate programs that pay well. They have Blue Apron, Dave & Busters, and the list goes on for some well-known brands.

I most recently started promoting AARP and other options you may even see in this list with them. I enjoy the communication and ability to promote brands with deals that people appreciate. I hope you will enjoy that too. This company pays out on the 25th of each month via direct deposit, I’m not sure if they have PayPal or not, but I use direct deposit. The threshold for a payout is $50, if you don’t make that in a month they roll over the funds until you reach $50 for a payout.

Join here.

Landscaping, Snow Shoveling, or Lawn Mowing

This is one of the common ways teenagers much cash from home during their younger years, but older people can do it too! Why not start a family-owned business doing this as a side hustle? Or maybe just talk to your neighbors, friends, and family to offer this service on donations at first?

This is a great way to earn a little real money from home while helping others. It will be very rewarding if you can handle this type of work and be willing to go out and do the work when others may not otherwise wish to be cold, wet, or use their muscles to get landscaping-type work done.

I know that this isn’t my type of gig, but if I had to do it to save my family some cash for food or energy, etc? I’d do it. Or make my teen sons do it. Ha. Ha. Ha.

Secret Shopper – Get Paid to Dine Out

This is for all of my foodie friends out there! Do you enjoy eating at new places? Do you want to get paid to eat at the restaurants you’d normally dine out at? Whatever your answer is, this program is the best for you!

I hear some people are making about $60 per hour doing this secret shopper program and it’s strictly for dining out! I know back in my day I used to do the secret shopper for checking out stores and such around the area, but now they have this type of option to get paid to eat basically? I totally joined this option and just had to share this with you all, too!

Join here.

Sell Arts & Crafts

Another way I see the average creative soul making some real money from home is by selling their arts & crafts on Etsy. I used to sell PLR content on Etsy with much success, but I got tired of losing the fees. Now, if I were to start using my craft creative side again? I would totally start selling arts and crafts online.

Do you have a skill that can be transferred into an arts and crafts shop on Etsy? I’d love to hear what you do on Etsy or what you plan to do. I’d totally try to be your customer whenever I’m looking for unique gift ideas or decor items for the home.

Resell PLR Content and Products

Last, but surely not least, you can join Reeblog’s PLR membership plan for just $10 per month and resell PLR content to others. Yup, it’s true! We have a low fee right now to get inside and join this PLR content plan.

If you need to know what PLR is, as it is fairly new for my readers to hear about, then you can watch the video by clicking join now below. Reselling PLR or using it to manage client newsletters or social media outlets is a fabulous way to make some quick cash at home if you already have clients who enjoy your content creator services.

Join now.

BONUS IDEA! Start Learning New Things with Audiobooks

Lastly, don’t forget the power of learning a new trade or skill! You can join this site to listen to audiobooks that help you learn a new skill to make real money at home. I am constantly listening to podcasts, and audiobooks, and reading paperback books to help me strengthen my skills to make real money at home & feel it’s a tremendous help. Join audiobooks here.

I hope that this list of ideas has helped propel your creative mind towards thinking on the positive of how to make some extra cash at home! I’d love to hear if you’ve tried any of these, and how it worked out for you (or someone you love). Please drop a comment on social media to let me know what you think of these ideas.

Much love and light to you & yours always. xoxo


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