As long as you persevere and keep on bloggin’ with the right focus and a little bit of luck, yours will be the blog that everyone is talking about.

Gaining the Expertise to Rule Your Blogosphere


You may know a lot, but everyone can always know more. If you are starting to get serious about this whole blogging thing, you want to ensure that you are writing and posting things that are worth reading, instead of regurgitating what you have already heard and hoping for the best.

But how do you go about doing this? You need to be confident that people will want to read what you have to say. You need to go into every blog post knowing that you are sharing knowledge that no one has shared before. You need to have the experience and expertise to make people stop, read, and take note and use your advice to further their lives and careers, also.


There is no better way to expand your pool of knowledge than by taking on further education in your industry or at least an industry that you are interested in. If you run a business blog, then seeking out an Operations Manager degree online can provide you with the know-how to spread your influence across the business blogging world and announce that you know what you are talking about.

Furthermore, obtaining online degrees in whatever subject will give you a more substantial authority on subjects. Everyone thinks a quick Google search on any given subject will do the trick, but learning from the pros and experiencing it all first hand is something that can’t be quickly discovered on the internet.


Another way that many bloggers use to spread their awareness is by collaborating with similar bloggers. Typically, these bloggers might already be friends. The world of blogging is a weird everyone-knows-everyone-else circle, so you are bound to come across somebody who will have read your blog and might be willing to work alongside you to further both of your careers.

In addition to this, blog networking is essential to sharing ideas as well as introducing yourself to other bloggers in the industry. Learning more from others is an excellent way of self-improvement and so seeking out as much influence as you can will only help your blogging business bloom. 

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You may feel annoying posting blog links on your social media pages every other hour of the day, but without this, you will not be able to find the readership you crave. While you may have a dedicated following of friends and family who will religiously read and repost your blog, you need to expand this circle further afield.

Social media may have a lot of setbacks, but it can also help immeasurably when looking to self-promote. You should also learn about the ROI of SEO. Clever use of hashtags and SEO keywords are essential to ensuring that your blog shows up first on any Google search for your industry, so take advantage and promote, promote, promote. 


It will take time to build a substantial following of readers for your blog, but hard work, consistent posts of high quality, and an intelligent marketing strategy will make this become a reality sooner rather than later. As long as you persevere and keep on bloggin’ with the right focus and a little bit of luck, yours will be the blog that everyone is talking about.



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  1. I am loving the LOTR reference there Brandy! Haha just love it! Great advice and indeed we can always learn more no matter how much we think we know! In this industry, things change really fast too!

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