Getting more from your vacation to Greece: five top tips

If you are heading to Europe for your vacation this year, Greece would be a good choice. With its rich history and culture coupled with its fantastic weather, this country has a lot to offer.

So, whether this will be a family vacation or one just for singles, continue reading for our five top tips on how to make sure you get more from your vacation here.

  1. Explore the History

Ancient Greece may have been on the history curriculum when you were in school, but there is so much more to the country than what you think you know.

Furthermore, it is one thing to see it on a video or in a textbook, but experiencing it firsthand is far more eye opening and impressive. In Greece’s capital, Athens, you will find the Acropolis, which is perhaps the most unmissable historic site. The Acropolis museum is also worth a visit.

  • Experience the Food

Have you really experienced more than a tiny bit Greece has to offer if you choose to avoid the amazing array of food they have to offer? Absolutely not.

You probably have the image of a Greek salad in your head now: crisp lettuce with olives, feta cheese and perhaps some tomato and red onion. Certainly, there is a lot more to try than that.

Dolmades are one of our favorites: vine leaves stuffed with spiced minced meat. Moussaka is another delight with minced lamb and layers of eggplant with a bechamel sauce on top.

If you have more of a sweet tooth, be sure to try baklava, which is a delicious combination of filo pastry, nuts and honey or syrup.

  • See the Sea

Greece’s extensive Mediterranean coastline makes it the ideal place to embark on a sailing expedition. Consider Bareboat Charters in Greece; with a range of yachts for all requirements and budgets,

12 Knots is a great choice. What better way to explore the marvels of the seas than on your very own yachting adventure? Alternatively, book yourself onto a sunset cruise for a romantic occasion.

  • Visit the Beaches

Beaches are not just for relaxing on (although you would find plenty on which to do just that if it’s your preference). Paddle your feet in the sea and marvel at the plethora of fish in the stunning azure waters.

Although mainland Greece has a selection of fantastic beaches, the most impressive are certainly found around the Greek islands. Head to Crete’s Elafonissi Beach or, if you are on a family vacation, St George’s Beach on Naxos. If partying is more up your street, definitely choose Paradise Beach on Mykonos.

  • Plan to Return

Of course, a vacation to Greece is a luxury. However, there is absolutely no way that you will have the opportunity to discover even half of what this wonderful country and its islands have to offer.

Therefore, our advice is to, if you love the place, plan to return. Inevitably, your itinerary will have a few changes here and there, so try not to fret too much. If you know you will be coming back sometime in the future, this will worry you a lot less.


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