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My Square site is up and running with current rates for the 2021 season. Click here to see my availability and rates.

Are you on blog overload? Have a ton of product reviews to write but don’t have the time?

Maybe you simply want some filler content for when you suffer from writer’s block.

Perhaps you’re a brand with a blog and need a content curator.

Whatever your reasons are, you can hire Brandy Ellen to write content for you.

Donna from says, “I’ve recently started using Brandy’s services as a content writer for my blog and cannot recommend her highly enough. She writes on a wide range of topics, each with a high-level of expertise. Each article has been professionally written. I’ve been very satisfied with her work and I look forward to a continuing working relationship with her.”

What is This Ghostwriter for Hire Service?

This service is all about hiring me to write content for your website or blog. A ghostwriter is someone who writes books, blog posts, and other articles on behalf of their client. The content is then officially credited to another person.

Yes, you read that right. You hire me to write content for you and in turn, you get all of the credit. Once the content is written and delivered to you, it is 100% owned by you and for all your readers know, it was written by you. The content is yours to edit or use as is and take full credit.

Some blogs and brands prefer to hire me as a paid contributor. I am completely open to adapting how this service works to match your needs and preferences.

Jen, a monthly client says, “Brandy is professional, thorough and timely. The quality of her work speaks for itself. Thank you Brandy!”

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Writing Samples

Be sure to visit my Pinterest Ghostwriting Services Board for my most recent writing samples.

ParenthoodLifestyle | SEO SampleSocial Media Inspirational

Paid Contributor Samples

Below are a few samples of sites where I was paid to be a contributor as opposed to a ghostwriter for hire.

GeoZilla App’s Blog Homey App’s Blog

Content Creation Packages

My Square site is up and running with current rates for the 2021 season. Click here to see my availability and rates.

Basic Content – Evergreen Topics

The content I develop for blogs and brands is known as evergreen topics. These articles are written based on popular topics that usually can fit all year round, for a specific holiday or a specific theme.

The basic content I write for your site is something that will continue to bring in readers. I focus on your specific keywords and optimize the blog post based on the keywords to ensure you’re getting quality content that will be indexed well by search engines.

What type of content can you write?

Work at Home Mom
Tips, tricks, organizing, productivity, etc.

How to start a blog, comparing which platform to start your blog on, hosting plan comparisons, networking tips, and more.

Social Media
Tips on growth, networking, connecting and using social media to push your business/blog.

Autism, teenage years, tween years, toddler, and baby years. Raising kids, working at home with kids, managing multiple kids, teaching kindness, and more.

Confidentiality is a must when you hire me to write, no one will ever know I do the writing, unless you tell them or give me permission to quote you on here as a testimonial!

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