Today I’m sharing a fun gift idea for kids. This card game is called CuBirds. You’ll sit down with 2-5 players that are ages 8+ for a fun-filled evening together.

This colorful game has two ways to play and instructions arrive within the box. I had the luxury of reviewing this item, so yes it was gifted to me so I could experience CuBirds and share my thoughts with y’all.

Product provided for free. Opinions are my own.

The package arrived and the time was now. It was time for me to open the box to figure out what this card game called CuBirds was all about.

There are 110 bird cards with 8 species of birds. The object of the game is dependent on which version you’re playing:

  1. The game is won by the first player who gathered all 7 different species of bird.
  2. OR The game is won by the first player who gathered2 species of at least 3 birds.

CuBirds Game for Kids Overview

You’ll start the game off by designating one player as a dealer. The dealer needs to shuffle the 110 card deck. Please shuffle this deck good. It took me a lot of shuffling to really separate all of the bird species. The deck arrives with the species altogether in the deck.

The dealer will place four rows of three with all cards face up in the center of the table. Make sure each row has at least 3 different birds. Swap out any duplicated birds in a row.

My first setup and play were all wrong. I read the instructions incorrectly. Please be sure to have FOUR rows of THREE cards each all face-UP. My photo depicts when I set this up incorrectly the first time around.

You’ll then put a draw pile on the table with the cards face down. Each player will get 8 face-down cards. This will serve as their starting hand.

Then each player will receive one CuBird card faceup that stays in front of each player. This will be each player’s first bird in their CuBirds collection.

Be sure to keep enough space so that you have space for a discard pile next to the deck, and ample room for players to lay out their birds as they try to collect enough CuBirds cards to WIN!

Players will take turns laying one or more cards at the center of the table in order to pick the same number of cards to put back into their hand. The player may pickup cards from the four rows or the deck that’s facedown.

The play continues until one of two things happens, depending on which way you’re playing:

  1. The game is won by the first player who gathered all 7 different species of bird.
  2. OR The game is won by the first player who gathered2 species of at least 3 birds.

This is a truly simple game that can help you strengthen your family bond while having some fun with cards!

But wait, there’s more!

Another twist for us, as homeschool parents, is that we can use this CuBirds game as part of our simple curriculum. Perhaps our middle and high school students don’t find the fun in this, but I did and feel you could with elementary homeschool kids.

Using CuBirds in Homeschool Elementary Curriculum

As we always do, we tend to make everything into a sneaky lesson time. With this card game for kids, you can easily transform a boring homeschool nature science session into FUN.

It goes a little something like this …

As most families have access to the internet in some shape or form, you’ll enjoy playing CuBirds with your family. Each player will collect the various bird species until someone wins.

BUT, once a winner is announced don’t put the bird cards back into the deck.

No. No. No.

Have each child learn a fun fact about each of the bird species they have in their hand.

You can do this a few ways:

  1. Watch a documentary about birds around the world and have each child take note when they see their CuBirds card in the documentary; they’ll list at least 2 facts about that bird’s species.
  2. Have a discussion about each bird species, such as the Toucans and Pink Flamingos. Learn about where these bird species live, and what each bird eats or does to survive.
  3. Take a vote on which bird species you’ll learn about after playing CuBirds based on the number of cards. For example, if there are more pink flamingos in each player’s hand, then learn about that bird today.

Call me silly and old, as my adult kid usually does – “old bat” – but making learning fun is part of the reason why we have three pretty intelligent kids. My trio always asks questions and rarely takes something for face value, a skill that I’m glad we instilled in them!

We make learning fun in all areas of life, and that my friends, helps keep our kids’ brains working, their minds thinking, and encourages questions asked about anything & everything for their entire life!

In conclusion, whether you want to have a simple fun way to enjoy quality time with your family on game night, or you want to add a new level of FUN into your homeschool curriculum, I say check out CuBirds as one of your options for any kids’ gift-giving season of the year!

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