Gifts Every Child Wants This Christmas

Dare we mention the C word? The time of year most people dread, especially parents, is fast approaching. Christmas is a time for giving and receiving, and if your child is busy making lists and constantly adding to them then we are here to help with the must-have gifts for 2021.

From dolls to electric ride-on cars there are so many different toys available. Even young children now have lots of choices from rattles to educational gadgets.

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If you have older children you may have heard them asking when they can have a phone. If you have decided now is the time and they are responsible enough to look after one then Christmas is definitely the time to surprise them with one. Make sure they are aware of the dangers associated with mobile phones and also the online dangers.

You might also have little tech geniuses who are always trying to use your iPad, nowadays you can get tablets for kids. The amazon fire for children is really good as it is aimed at young children so the settings don’t allow them to access anything that isn’t age-appropriate.

TV Characters

Your child might have a love for the characters they see on the television shows they watch. Most TV shows will have a good selection of toys associated with the show. Paw patrol is huge right now so if you have a young child who is really into paw patrol then you can get all the characters with their vehicles and even their tower.

Another hugely popular show that children love is Spongebob Squarepants. You can get all sorts of toys associated with SpongeBob, one option is the cuddle plush patrick toy, your child could collect all the plush toys and make up stories with them.


If your child loves to build and construct things then there are many toys available to encourage this. Lego is amazing, you can get boxes with loads of pieces in so your child can build anything they want. You can also get sets based on different settings such as under the sea and even sets based on films and tv shows such as Jurassic World and Ninjago. Lego can be enjoyed by the whole family and everyone can get involved with building it.

Meccano is great for your older children although now they do boxes of Meccano for younger ones as well. It works by getting children to screw pieces together to form objects, a helicopter for example.

Story Telling

Gone are the days of your children needing to sit with a book in their hands. This gift isn’t for everyone, as some people like holding a book to read it. There is now a device that reads to your children, much better than an audiobook or CD. It is known as a story cube and your children can get different characters to place on top for a variety of stories.

Kids love laying in bed at night hearing all the stories from their favorite characters.

We hope this gives you some ideas of gifts for your kids if you are a bit stuck and don’t know what to get them.



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