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How to Give Back During the Holidays

Give back

Do you often look forward to the holiday season? It’s an exciting time of the year to spend more quality time with loved ones while singing along to Christmas-themed music and enjoying holiday treats. 

But, while you’re in the mood to get festive, you may want to spread that cheer to other people, especially those who are less fortunate than you. There are different ways to give back at Christmas. The effort you put into giving back to other people can change their lives for the better, leaving them happier, grateful, and in the spirit to celebrate the holiday season with their loved ones.

Give back

1. Make Cookies for the Neighbors

Bake cookies for your neighbors throughout the community to help them get in the spirit. It’s a small yet kind and meaningful gesture that can genuinely make a difference in different people’s lives. Some of your neighbors may not be as fortunate as you are, so they might not be in a great mood to celebrate. 

Can you imagine how good it would make them feel to have you showing up with your kids at their front door with a package full of homemade cookies for them and their children? It’s a simple way to give back and show you care about the people around you.

2. Have a Food Drive

Consider having a community food drive where you can collect different foods to give to the homeless shelter at this time of the year. You can start by going through your pantry to find items that aren’t expired yet are sitting on the shelves and have been for a while. For example, you might come across some canned vegetables, boxes of pasta, or even packets of instant mashed potatoes. 

If you’re not planning to eat these foods any time soon, consider packing them in a bag and donating them to homeless shelters or food pantries. The food pantries graciously accept donations to hand out to the community, making sure people have the food needed to feed their families.

3. Donate Toys to Children

Shop for toys and then donate them to children in need. There are several great ways to get deals on toys to donate to children who would love these items. First, visit places like Target and Walmart when they have their significant toy clearance sales. They often have these sales in the summer months because they need to make room for the new inventory they’ll display during the holiday season. 

You can get high-quality, top-brand toys at deeply discounted prices! It’s a great way to spend a bit of money when you know that it can put a smile on the face of children in need. Once you’ve collected toys, you can donate them to a charity that provides children in need of toys during the holiday season, or you can wrap them and deliver them to children in your neighborhood. It’s your choice.

4. Volunteer at a Homeless Shelter

You can give back during the holidays by volunteering at a homeless shelter. These shelters often look for volunteers willing to serve food to those who come in for a meal. If your children are old enough, you may want to bring them with you to experience firsthand how good it feels to give back to others. 

Knowing that you can help feed people and prevent food insecurity can positively impact your life while positively impacting others around you. If you have the spare time to volunteer, this is an excellent opportunity for you to do something amazing for others.

5. Make Care Packages

Consider making small care packages that you can hand out to homeless people as you see them while you’re on your way to work or traveling with family to different places. Sometimes, it’s easy to spot these homeless people when they’re sitting outside of fast-food restaurants or on public transportation benches while holding signs. 

Care packages can consist of toiletries, including mini shampoo and conditioner, tampons or pads for women, cotton balls, cheese crackers, toothpaste, and more. You never know who could end up putting these care packages to good use. Add the items to plastic food storage bags, seal them shut, and keep them in your car so that you have them when you see someone who looks like they’re in need.

Ways to Give Back During the Holidays 

Giving back to people in need is always a good idea, especially during the holiday season. These are some of the best ways to give back at Christmas when you want children and adults to get in the spirit and feel loved and appreciated. You can donate toys and food, bake cookies for your neighbors, or even make care packages. The small gestures that you make to help other people will make a difference in their lives. However, giving back can make a difference in your life, too.


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