Go Berry Picking in NH with Family

Have you ever picked berries on a farm that you could take home, rinse, and eat with the family? If not, you’re missing out on an excellent opportunity to spend quality time with your loved ones. Berry picking is a fun activity for adults and children of all ages. It allows children to see where the fruit comes from and how it ends up on the kitchen table at home. 

It’s also a fantastic way to spend the day out on a farm, teaching your children about farm life while bonding with them. If it’s something you’d like to try, you should know that there are several places to pick your own berries in NH. You have a lot of great options available in the area!

Beaver Pond Farm

Head on over to the Beaver Pond Farm in the Newport area of New Hampshire for an excellent berry picking experience. While you’re on the farm, you may notice that they have a lot to offer, including fresh jellies and jams, homemade maple syrup, fresh honey, and even marinades that you can take home and use on different cuts of meat, such as pork and steak. 

Besides having access to lots of fresh and flavorful ingredients, you can also get the chance to pick berries with your loved ones. During July and August, the farm hosts pick-your-own sessions where guests can head off on the farm to pick raspberries to take home with them. Along with raspberries, you can get a chance to pick blueberries at the end of July when they’re ready to harvest.

Our Adventures in Raspberry Picking at Beaver Pond Farm

My adult kiddo and I headed out on an impromptu trip to pick raspberries at a local farm, Beaver Pond Farm that is. I didn’t know why but I just wanted to get up and get moving, with my adult kid. So I went to their room to see if they were busy today and they were fine with the idea of going raspberry picking with me.

We got ready and ventured out to Beaver Pond Farm. When we arrived, they were allowing pick your own berries in NH on a few different rows. There were plenty of raspberries to be seen and to be picked today!

Beaver Pond Farm pricing on the day we went was $5 per pint up to 9 pints your 10th pint and beyond would cost $4.50 each. We ultimately picked about 10 pints of raspberries even though barely anyone in the home eats these berries.

The people that work at Beaver Pond Farm and the owners are always nice!

We enjoy getting our real Christmas tree here most years, too!

My spontaneous berry picking in NH idea was a fun time with my oldest kiddo, but it wasn’t well thought out. Our raspberries molded overnight as I didn’t store them properly and we lost about 8 pints out of the 10 we picked due to my own fault.

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Storing Pick Your Own Raspberries

Since I don’t want anyone else to throw money down the drain, here are some tips on how to store your pick your own berries in NH, the raspberries anyway.

These berries are finicky, and I didn’t realize it! Raspberries must be placed in the fridge as soon as you get home with them. If your fridge tends to dry out produce, place a cover over the raspberries.

Picking raspberries is a messy job!

The reason you see fresh raspberries not molding up at the store is that they are covered in some sort of spray that keeps them from developing mold. Berries have natural mold spores, and when left at room temperature, apparently they just take over the berries, especially raspberries!

  • Do not wash the berries until you’re using them for something, about to eat them, or about to freeze them.
  • Remove any rotten berries before storing them for long term.
  • Put only a couple of days supply in the fridge, these raspberries will last 2-3 days tops int eh fridge!
  • Freeze up the rest after you rinse them off, in an airtight freezer bag.
  • See more detailed isntructions on how to store pick your own berries by clicking here to visit another website.

Bascom Blueberry Farm

Visit the family-owned Bascom Blueberry Farm to make memories with your own family. The farm has a positive reputation for growing several variations of fresh blueberries. Some of the options grown on the land include Chandlers, Dukes, Patriots, and Blue Jays, to name a few!

You can head out on the land with your family to pick as many blueberries as you’d like. Don’t forget to make your way over to their farm store, where they have other fantastic options available for purchase, including maple syrup, homemade cookies, handmade soap, and more.

Berry Good Blueberry Farm

If you’re in the New Boston area of New Hampshire, check out the Berry Good Blueberry Farm. You can make reservations in advance to get a chance to come here with the family for berry picking.

Although it depends on the season when you choose to visit, some of the berries available for picking throughout the year include blackberries, blueberries, raspberries, and strawberries. It’s a fruit lover’s paradise! The farm has plenty of space available for guests to explore while they’re picking some of their favorite fruits.

Saltbox Farm

If you decide to visit Saltbox Farm, you’re in for a real treat. Several wonderful fruits grow on the farm, including multiple variations of blueberries and raspberries. If these are two of your favorite fruits, a trip to this farm won’t disappoint.

In addition to picking the berries with your partner and children, you can also get a chance to pick flowers and herbs that you can take back home with you. If you’d love to check out various beautiful crops during your time out, this is an incredible farm worth visiting.

Norland Berries

Support a local business by picking and purchasing your own berries at Norland Berries in Center Barnstead, New Hampshire. Although it’s not as large as some of the other farms, there are more than 10 acres full of blueberry plants growing on the land, giving you the perfect opportunity to grab fresh fruit when you see it. So take your time to pick some of your favorite berries.

They’ll taste fresh and delicious, and they’re also much more affordable than berries found at the local supermarkets.

Stark Farm Organic Blueberries

If you prefer eating organic fruits with the family, Stark Farm Organic Blueberries is the perfect place for you to go. The farm has hundreds of bushes where blueberries grow each day. You’ll see some of the most impressive berries on the farm because they’re superior to what you’d find in the supermarket.

Enjoy the peace, along with stunning scenery, while you walk through Stark Farm. Be sure to check out the impressive selection of berries available before deciding which ones you’d like to pick. Once you’re ready to harvest, have a good time choosing the perfect fruit to add to your container before checking out!

Berry picking is a fun and enjoyable activity to do with your children. You can get outside for a bit, head over to one of these incredible farms, and enjoy everything taking place there while having a chance to pick berries.

The fruit tastes a lot fresher when you’ve picked it instead of buying it at the grocery store. And, you can save money while having an incredible experience with your loved ones. The pick your own NH options are endless!


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