Green Card: Access To Advanced US Health Care Services

The diverse population of the United States has benefited in all aspects of life. By obtaining a green card you can also be a new member and enjoy the facilities available in the US. From no employment restrictions to college admission, domestic travels, and the US public education system, the green card can offer an endless number of benefits.

Did you know that the green card securers are also eligible for health care services in the United States?

According to a survey, the United States has four out of 10 best hospitals in the world which includes Mayo Clinic, Cleveland Clinic, Johns Hopkins Hospital, and Massachusetts General Hospital. By securing a green card you get access to all these hospitals and their cutting-edge services. If you are from a country that lags behind in the healthcare system, getting the medical facilities in the US are quite practical with a green card. If you want to know each and every detail about securing the green card, keep reading.

How to apply for a green card in the US?

U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services hold the responsibility for the adjustment of the status. This process includes the non-resident status to the permanent resident status. Under the US immigration law, a temporary visitor can change their status to a permanent resident by fulfilling certain requirements.

USCIS Public Charge Rule: The foreign nationals who acquire a green card and adjust their status are also subjected to a public charge rule. The application process goes through USCIS and is dissimilar to consular processing. Having private health insurance is considered as a positive factor and you will not become a public charge if:

  • If you have completed the expected period of admission for private health insurance.
  • If you have not got any subsidies in the form of tax credits under the Affordable Care Act.

Whereas, not having private health insurance is considered a negative factor. Especially, when you have a medical condition that restricts you from being self-sufficient. The combination of no private health insurance and a significant medical condition will be weighted as a very negative factor.

Applying for a Green Card Outside the U.S.

When applying for a green card outside the US, DOS i.e the Department of State takes the responsibility for the consular processing. No entry will be given to the immigrants that may financially burden the healthcare system of the United States. However, you can see website to know more about lottery-based green card applications. Every year, the DOS offers 55,000 diversity green cards to foreign nationals.

Before issuing an immigrant visa, the consular officers check if you are fulfilling all the requirements or not. This includes:

  • If you want a green card you should have to buy health insurance within 30 days of visiting the US
  • If there are any medical expenses, you should have sufficient financial resources to compensate for them.

Now you know how to apply for a green card. Also, there are some states that provide state- or locally-funded health coverage programs for immigrants. Once you are a permanent resident, you can take advantage of all these healthcare services.


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