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Why Are Hashtags So Important?

Brandy Ellen Blogs about Hashtags

You have all probably seen the # sign placed in front of a key set of words or a phrase on social media, right? Well this little thing is called a #hashtag and with it comes a way to reach a larger audience, or so it seems. Hashtags have become increasingly popular over the years and are actually a great way for brand’s to track their success in social media campaigns. With many bloggers being hired to complete social media marketing campaigns these hashtags that are assigned for every campaign truly help the brand find the true reach of their efforts.

With that all being said, we get the why they are used and what a hashtag is, but why are they so dang important?

I am going to answer that for you today and share with you a new platform that will be launching soon as a means to help you monitor, retweet and access hashtags across Twitter to help boost some engagement on social media for anyone and everyone.

Hashtags make it Simple

No more searching through social media for a particular keyword only to find that you have difficulties finding relevant content. Perhaps the old school days of searching out “mom”, only to find that the content you find pertains to complaining about moms, teen moms or other content that doesn’t apply to your particular interest. When you go onto a social media platform such as Google+, Twitter, Pinterest or Instagram to search out a keyword that has a hashtag attached to it, you are more apt to find relevant content quickly and much easier than old fashioned search methods.

Brandy Ellen Blogs Why Are Hashtags So Important

Hashtags Intrigue People

There have been many a times myself or a friend have seen a hashtag on social media and then clicked on the hashtag to see what other posts were shared about this particular tag. There are other times that hashtags simply bring out the curiosity in people. I know when a hashtag appears in my social media timeline, specifically Twitter, I am more apt to click it and check it out to figure out what that hashtag is all about. It’s simply part of human nature to be intrigued by these unique hashtags utilized for various campaigns.

Brandy Ellen Blogs about Hashtags

Hashtags Create Community

There’s something about hashtags and how they allow social media users to connect with like-minded individuals. Even if you aren’t a work from home professional or blogger, hashtags can easily allow you to connect with brands and individuals that are working through or sharing knowledge of something you are dealing with. These hashtags can help with parenthood, life, business, motivation and even high blood pressure. There is a hashtag on every social media network that can resonate with you and create this community for you to have an online network of friends. It’s great to build a community using hashtags because it weeds out the information you don’t want to see on social media.


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8 thoughts on “Why Are Hashtags So Important?”

    1. I am doing some research on Hashtags for 2018 so that I can be more productive about using the best ones suited for my content. It’s not always easy, I am so not hip to the hashtag scene enough yet.

  1. I love hashtags. I think of them as file folders though, sometimes I just use them to be funny. #knowwhatImean My Instagram game has improved a ton since I’ve gotten more consistent about my hashtag usage.

    1. Oh I love that idea of using them as file folders though. I love using hashtags to just be silly too. I do that on FB sometimes! Laughter is good!

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