If you live in New England and you’re interested in haunted hikes in New England, chances are you’ve probably heard of Madame Sherri’s forest and castle in New Hampshire.

But if you haven’t, you’re in the right place.

There are so many haunted areas in New England to see and learn about, and Madame Sherri’s forest is one that attracts much attention. There’s much to know about this place if you want to learn more about its haunted history or how to get there, so keep reading to learn more about Madame Sherri’s forest in NH.

Who Was Madame Sherri

Madame Sherri was the owner of the now ruins of the area named Madame Sherri’s forest. She was born in France and was considered eccentric and interesting to many New Hampshire folks during the time she lived. She was born in 1878 and moved to New York City in 1911 working as a costume designer with her husband who passed in 1927.

When she was visiting the town of Chesterfield one summer, she found a forest she loved and began to plan her summer home. This home was called her castle, and it was in fact a very elegantly made house where she hosted lavish parties and vacationed in the summertime.

This castle has been found by historians to have only been used for parties, she lived on another corner of the property in a smaller home. Madame Sherri passed in 1965 in the town of Brattleboro, but the castle had been vandalized many times by then and even burned in October of 1962.

What’s at Madame Sherri’s Forest?

In this haunted area in New England, you can see the remnants of Madame Sherri’s castle and surrounding architecture in the array of stonework that survived. There’s a magnificent stone staircase still standing from its original construction, and the old chimney is there as well.

There are also trails to hike on the property, and it’s a short hike from where you can park to get to the remains of her vacation home. The forest is a total of over 500 acres of land, so there’s much to explore. But the castle is the most popular view for most that visit.

To get here, you must travel to West Chesterfield, NH. The location is on Gulf Road in West Chesterfield, there are signs for Madame Sherri’s forest near the parking area. You can then figure out what to do next via trail maps you can find online or through looking at the information board there, that tells you some of the area’s history and the trails you can hike there.

The Haunting of Madame Sherri

Well, what really makes this become added to the list of haunted hikes in New England?

Many visitors to the site have reported feeling a presence while there, or even hearing echoes of music as if there are still parties there. Many visitors claim to have sensed her restless spirit here as if she’s still trying to have those parties in the afterlife.

The energy in the air is unmistakable for most that are sensitive to spirits or energies, and it’s haunting to see the leftovers of what was once such a beautiful home.

Haunted hikes in New England are a great way to pass some time and can be intriguing or mysterious to learn about. So many people come to visit Madame Sherri’s castle and forest to see this place for themselves and experience more haunted areas in New England.

If you have the time or happen to be in the area, this hike is definitely worth your time. With the information you’ve read in this article, you can have a great deal of knowledge and preparation going to this haunted New England hike.

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