Hey, It’s OK to be vulnerable …

All too often we overshare or we don’t share enough. While I most certainly don’t share as much of my personal life as I once did, I do share some of the experiences I’ve had that can lead to helping others feel less alone, less afraid, or overcome various scenarios.

You see, as I start to continue my spiritual journey a lot deeper than I was doing, I find myself being called to write about things that I haven’t really touched on in a while. I was holding back from some things because I still make dumb choices, or maybe people told me not to write about certain things because it would fuel another person’s ego.

Whatever the various reasons I can give to you that make absolute sense to me shutting down the writing from my heart method I always used to do, doesn’t matter. What matters is that I’m being called upon to share from the heart again.

For the last two days, I have written blog posts based on whatever I was led to write. Friends, I haven’t let myself be that vulnerable online in a long time. At least, not in a public way. For whatever reason, I don’t want other people to know where I am at, I don’t want certain people to use it against me, or whatever. The list of fears could go on and on yet here I am realizing that there’s no emotional attachment to those statements.

I am just holding onto an old concept of what I felt years ago, but no longer feel. This, my friends, is growth. This is part of the healing process. For those creative souls out there, you know that using art is our way of expressing ourselves.

My art type is – writing!

So, here we go …

Hey, It’s OK to be vulnerable …

It’s funny, isn’t it? I can give someone else the best advice in the world, always have been that way, yet here I am not following my own. I find myself day in and day out reminding my other half that he is forever my family and is my best friend and that it is OK to be vulnerable, to speak up for the needs he has, or the wants he desires.

It is OK for him to be vulnerable.

Yet, here I am putting on a little guard of my heart without realizing it until … recently.

Don’t Worry About Them

I recently listened to Rick Rubin speak about creativity and manifesting, they said that when they create their art form (music) they don’t worry much about whether someone else will like it. And that’s how I used to handle my blogging.

I didn’t write for the views, the ad revenue, or anything else other than sharing my personal diary so to speak about parenting, relationships, work at home, and whatever else flew into my life and mind.

But then I started to use my passion for writing as a business model, and while I am ever so grateful that I do this for a living, I miss writing from my heart and soul. This type of writing, creative writing from the heart? It has helped more people than my writing to get paid methods have helped.

It’s true.

I used to get private messages compelling to me to write more from the heart, or that my message on that particular day at that particular time was exactly what they needed to hear/read.

This, my friends, is why I keep saying to be vulnerable. Keep showing up as yourself, share what you’re compelled to share and do in this world, as long as you’re doing it with pure intentions. It will work out for the best, and you’ll get the added bonus of finding people who can relate to you on this deeper level.

Life hits you and you pause

I will admit that sometimes life hits you just right (in a not-so-good way) and you just do not have the desire to showcase your “art”, and that’s OK. I know that when I was a preteen I would write poetry whenever I was sad or angry.

My entire poetry book (that I still have) from that age was sad and not very encouraging or whatnot. I have come to realize that preteens often struggle with those types of emotions. It’s a weird age for us as humans, the hormones and the social things that come up as a preteen are challenging.

As an adult, you can also have these various hormones or life stressors come into play that make you just pause. When life hits you and you pause, that’s OK.

Listen to what your soul needs in each season of life and you will be generously rewarded in the next season.

That’s just how this thing called life works.

Be Open to New Directions and Things

I am here to say that as you grow older, you start to calm down and learn some wisdom from the experiences you had. Okay, so not everyone has this awakening. I am learning more about some people who just don’t like change, don’t want change, and will never change.

And, that’s OK.

As long as you know who you are and whether you are the person willing to adapt or not and you are honest with others about this? Then it will all be OK. I keep telling my other half this, if he isn’t open to the happy chaos, the dogs, the this or that, then he needs to just be honest with himself first and then with me.

You see, you cannot be open and honest with others if you are not first open & honest with yourself. This is where it all begins, learning what makes you tick, what you desire, what you need, what you see for the future, and so on.

Brandy Ellen

Sometimes being open to new directions and things is just that – being open to being more vulnerable and honest with yourself!

You have something to offer this world

I absolutely believe that we are all made with some uniqueness that allows us to bring something valuable to this world. The only problem is that we often get led astray by society, demands of our elders, or other things that cause us deep pain in this human realm.

This is often due to being too involved in the ego, desiring more than what we have or something different than what we have.

When you start to pause more often to be grateful in this moment and in the NOW, you will find that your spiritual guide will start to lead you toward a better path, one that feels more rewarding than any chemical attraction you’ve ever had in your life.


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