Hiking Vermont – Thundering Falls Trail

Hiking Vermont is so much fun because there are many trails in this gorgeous state. We ventured to Thundering Falls Trail during our time being homeless to give the boys something fun to do.

During our time being homeless, we would take the weekend to venture somewhere new. Saving up funds to get to a place like Killington, Vermont as they had super cheap motels during the off-season.

Think about it, Killington is most known for the winter ski season, and I’m sure the summer season but we were homeless from mid-June 2019 through mid-November 2019 which means we got to take advantage of off-season rates in Killington, Vermont.

NOTE: If you’re hiking this trail with littles, then you’ll need this hiking backpack because the steep hills and tree roots are all over. Little ones may trip during the time hiking Thundering Brook Falls Trail.

Now that our family is together again, we decided we would do what we love doing best – bring back our hiking adventures. During our homeless months, we did some hiking in Brattleboro vt as well as Killington VT.

Today I’m going to share more about Thundering Falls Trail in Vermont.

This is part of the Appalachian Trail.

There is so much to witness here, and the natural beauty is simply amazing.

When you opt to go hiking Vermont to Thundering Falls Trail you’ll witness the 6th largest waterfall in Vermont.

Thundering Falls Trail – Hiking Vermont

Start on the Boardwalk

You’ll start your hiking Vermont adventure on the boardwalk over a small brook that has ample plant growth and signs of wildlife.

As you turn the corner, you’ll start to hear the sounds of one of the largest waterfalls in Vermont. Hiking Vermont is so magical. The forests in this state are plentiful and wildlife can be seen almost everywhere.

Climb to the Top

My youngest son and I didn’t care to brave the adventure to the top of the Thunder Falls waterfall, but my hubs and our oldest went up into the tree root infested forest to walk along the steep trail to the top.

You can barely see the humans up there yonder hiking Vermont.

Take in the Views

We stayed here for quite a while until other hikers that came to enjoy hiking Vermont showed up. We saw families with little ones, teenagers, and adults enjoying this beautiful hiking trail in Vermont.

Enjoy the Scenery of Hiking Vermont

This may be but a simple trail in Vermont to enjoy hiking Vermont but we enjoyed standing around watching the waterfall and seeing what we could see out in the distance.

Hiking Vermont Thundering Falls Waterfall

Accessibility for Thundering Falls Trail

Now you won’t be able to get a wheelchair up to the top of Thundering Falls, but they do have wheelchair accessible parking on River Road in Killington.

Boardwalk travels 900 feet towards the falls, so it looks like you can wheel yourself close to the falls area for the beautiful view of Thundering Falls.

I highly suggest you bring someone with you when traveling this trail.

How to Get to Thundering Falls Hiking Vermont

Taken from the USDA Forest Service Website:

From the intersection of Vermont Route 100 & Route 4 in Killington, drive 2 miles east to an intersection with River Road on the left. From here drive 1.5 miles to a wheelchair accessible parking lot on the left.

From the intersection of Vermont Route 100 & Route 4 in Killington, drive 2.3 miles north on Vermont Route 100 to an intersection with River Road on the right. From here drive 2.5 miles to a wheelchair accessible parking lot on the right.

Whether you’re looking to go hiking Vermont with the family, a spouse, or as a solo hike, just make sure you’re prepared with the right hiking materials and supplies.

This Thundering Falls Trail albeit short does connect to a much longer network of trails known as the Appalachian Trail so you could get lost on the many trails, without realizing the time slipping by.


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