Hiring A Ghostwriter For Your Blog

There are many bloggers out there and brands taking full advantage of having a ghostwriter on their team. A ghostwriter is a perfect addition for any brand or blogger’s site because they can provide you quality, original content on a regular basis for a small fee.

Maintaining a well-trafficked blog can be incredibly hard with how often you need to keep up with your content for the best SEO. It can become quickly overwhelming to have or keep up with a writing schedule, especially for more busy lifestyles.

What’s the best solution? You may want to consider hiring a ghostwriter. Ghostwriters or freelance writers can help you to have more content with less work for your end, and it can help resolve writer’s block getting in the way of your content schedule.

Here are some tips to hire a ghostwriter for your blog to help you with preparing for or understanding hiring a ghostwriter for your site.

Look For Referrals First

If you know other bloggers or writers that have been in a situation like yours or have hired ghostwriters before, you should try that outlet first. Ask for recommendations or referrals for good writer options if you can, it can save you a lot of time and effort in finding a good quality or reliable writer through other sources.

Prepare Your Request

One of the most important tips to hire a ghostwriter for your blog is to prepare what you want to request ahead of time. Make sure you outline what you will need them to write, what topics will be involved, a sample of your writing for them to be able to mimic your style or voice, and anything else that you want in the job description. This makes both sides understand quicker.

Create Job Postings

When you can’t find referrals through others, you’ll have to begin to reach out through freelance writing sites or other job boards as hiring a ghostwriter. Be sure to include everything you want to convey about the job in the posting such as topics, length of articles, pay rates, and more. You can find many examples online to help you formulate one for yourself.

Narrow Your Options

It can be pretty overwhelming to figure out how to narrow down your candidates, but make sure that they have read your requirements thoroughly. You’ll want to look for someone that is dedicated, has the experience, and any other requirements that fit your specific needs. You can ask for a sample from them to see their writing skill and style, as well as communicate further.

Take Your Time

Another very important one in tips to hire a ghostwriter for your blog is to take your time when figuring all of this out. You want to be prepared before diving into this with all the knowledge that you can have and the ability to handle hiring or finding a good ghostwriter. It also may take time to find the best option for you, so be patient and be sure to think things through thoroughly.

What does a Ghostwriter Offer?

  • The ability to edit, manipulate, and change the article in any way you deem fit.
  • The ability to take full credit for the content, yes even if it’s a sponsored post!
  • Unique, original content pertaining to your niche without having to take the time to research.
  • A silent team member who works as an independent contractor.

Hiring a ghostwriter is a fantastic business decision because it frees up the time involved in researching content, allows you to provide your editorial calendar with a trusted person who you have hired to ensure the content is delivered to you within the deadlines discussed.  

When hiring a ghostwriter it’s important to ask questions and write up a contract if you so desire to ensure you have a paper trail of what your expectations are and how they will supply you with the content.

What to ask a Ghostwriter:

  • When will content be delivered?
  • Will all content be original, free of plagiarism?
  • Will I get a discount if I purchase in bulk?
  • Can you provide review write-ups for a product or write sponsored content for me if I provide you with the guidelines?
  • Is our contract confidential, meaning you will not tell anyone that you are my ghostwriter?
  • Can we modify terms as the blog/site grows and my needs change?

How to Hire a Ghostwriter

Not all ghostwriters have a contract that they use, regularly they email you back and forth until you come to an agreement on how services shall be provided.

Once you have established all of the fine details, you then submit payment and the ghostwriter starts working for you as an independent contractor. If you desire to have a ghostwriter sign a contract, then you should create one on your end or ask the ghostwriter to create one as part of your deal.

It’s important to have these tips in mind if you consider going through with hiring a ghostwriter for your blog so that you can have the best outcome for you, your budget, and your future. Ghostwriters are an important and useful tool for bloggers that are often overlooked.

Article written by Jax. Jax is a 2020 high school graduate who enjoys being outdoors, exploring, and many niche topics. Jax is Brandy Ellen’s firstborn child & a part-time virtual assistant and content writer. You can find Jax on Instagram and YouTube.


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