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8 Amazing Gifting Options for Your Tech Friend

Shopping for gifts can be tricky and complicated, especially when purchasing something for your best friend. You want to choose a gift that shows your attention to their interests. Also, you may want to ensure that it’s of good quality and not a cheap gag gift.

Now that your friend is a tech enthusiast, are you looking to thrill them with some exciting gadget? Tech gifts are some of the most desired gifts out there, and the latest and most excellent devices often come with unique features that could send your tech enthusiast friend into a frenzy. In addition to this, you can opt for something that’s trending and out-of-the-box.

Whether you are looking for a splurge-worthy gift for a loved one or one that is quite affordable, there are many tech options for that unique individual. Below, we have highlighted the perfect gifting options for your tech friend.

1. Robotic Vacuum

Is your friend’s house home to furry friends? Or do they struggle with dirt in their home? Buying them a robotic vacuum is a good idea. These vacuums are portable, effective, and affordable.

Unlike your typical vacuum, robotic vacuums can be easily programmed using the app. They are designed to clean hardwood floorings, tiles, and carpets of all sorts of dirt and debris, just like vacuum cleaners.

Gifting your tech friend this device will reduce the amount of manual cleaning they do each day, thus giving them enough time to focus on their passion. Who wouldn’t appreciate such a gift?

2. Game Console

If your friend is a guy and a tech aficionado, the chances are that he’ll be a game fanatic as well. Game fanatics are pretty standard, and these individuals are often psyched about having an array of game consoles at their disposal.

Purchasing a game console for your tech enthusiast friend is an excellent way to express your love. This kind gesture will surely go a long way in building trust and solidifying your relationship. If you aren’t sure of what game console to buy, here are common ideas every gamer would love:

  • Sony PlayStation 5
  • Xbox Series S
  • Nintendo Switch Lite

3. Apple AirPods Pro

Understanding your loved one’s preferences is essential in choosing the right gifting option for them. Is your friend crazy about apple products? Does he have a Macbook, iPhone, and an Apple IPad? If yes, chances are, he will cherish Apple AirPods.

AirPods Pro is one of the most sought-after earbuds on the planet. And guess what? They are considered the best wireless earbuds for iPhones!

Apple AirPods have several features that make them stand out from other earbuds. First off, they have noise cancellation and are pretty easy to wear. But that is not the best part. The best part is that they come in different sizes. There is no better way to excite your tech enthusiast loved one than getting them a pair of this device.

4. Smart speaker

Smart speakers are the staple of a tech enthusiast’s home. They can be likened to a mini motionless robot designed to answer questions and perform basic tasks like playing music, making notes of appointments, and controlling other smart home devices in the house.

In addition to performing the tasks mentioned above, smart speakers can also set timers, reminders, and alarms. Wait, there are still more! These fancy devices can play one’s favorite radio station, playlist, or podcast, just like you’d want your typical speaker to do.

While a few innovative speaker brands are in the market, Amazon and Google remain the most common. If your loved one is a die-hard Amazon fan, we recommend you go for the orb-shaped Amazon Echo Dot. However, Google’s Nest Mini is a good option if they aren’t.

5. NFT arts

If your loved one is an art freak, one who gushes about arts nonstop, getting them an NFT art will go a long way in showing how much you care about their passion and boost your connection. Unlike other generic gifts, NFT arts are unique, and of course, if you are familiar with this term, you’ll understand that their value can increase with time, which means that this is a gift your best friend will appreciate in the years to come.

While getting the ideal NFT art for your loved one shouldn’t be a problem—as there are several valuable and picturesque NFT projects out there—transferring the NFT art might. So ensure that your loved one has a digital wallet to receive the art. Also, make sure to understand their art taste, so you know the exact art to choose.

6. E-reader

We all have that tech enthusiast who is a bibliophile. If your loved one seems to be crazy about books, getting them an e-reader is a wise choice, regardless of if they prefer “real books.” Who wouldn’t appreciate a device that makes reading easy and fun? We bet your tech enthusiast loved one would love this option.

So, get them a quality e-reader as a gift. A common option is the Kindle Paperwhite. This e-reader is ideal for every tech enthusiast who has a passion for books. The device can give them an unlimited library at their fingertips, and it’s waterproof so they can read in the pool or even in the bathtub without fear.

7. Smart Watch

Smartphones? Check! Smart speakers? Check! What about a smartwatch? If your loved one owns a smartphone and a smart speaker, adding a smartwatch to the mix is an excellent way to balance it up.

Of course, Smartwatches—like other smart devices—are super-amazing gadgets that will thrill every tech enthusiast. Unlike typical watches, these wristwatches don’t just tell the time; they act as a fitness tracker, a call receiver, a mini-phone that displays social media notifications, and more. Thus, it is apt to invest in a gift option of a similar nature.

8. Drone

Whether it is a birthday, holiday, or just one of those days when you wish to surprise a loved one, drones top the list of coveted gifts for most tech lovers. If your loved one is an adventure, traveling, photography, or nature lover, they will appreciate this gift even more.

What makes drones a coveted gadget for most tech freaks isn’t only the fact that they can fly but because users get the chance to control them. They can decide to do numerous basic air stunts with these devices, take aerial photos, or engage in drone races, much to their delight. It is like controlling a mini airbus a321 from the ground. Excellent stuff, right?


Tech enthusiasts are thrilled by tech. However, you must know their tech preference before going ahead to purchase a gadget as a gift. If you have to conduct a little research to understand their taste, you are sure that whatever you are gifting your tech enthusiast friend will be appreciated.

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Couples Gift Ideas for Valentine’s Day

Are you searching for the best gift ideas for that special someone this Valentine’s Day?? If so, I have the list for you. Not only am I sharing some date night a home ideas, but I have a few of my favorite Valentine’s Day gift ideas for couples to show you. Read all the way to the end to get a discount to save cash on your special couple’s gift this year.

My other half’s shop has so many rustic wood laser engraved signs like this family a little bit of loud design, or the gnome love design that features bearded gnomes. The variety of designs over at our family run shop could give you Valentine’s Day gift ideas for hours, but today I wanted to feature some of my favorite date night home ideas plus a bonus Valentine’s Day gift idea that you should grab right now so it ships in time for that special lovey day!

Below are our favorite ways to spend quality time together, that is when we’re not busy fulfilling orders and restocking our store booth in Warner, NH.

9 date night at home ideas for couples

1. Make that meal you’ve been wanting to cook together, but just never get around to it!

2. Cuddle up on the couch and watch your favorite movie – whether for the hundredth time or just your first is up to you, but cuddling is definitely required.

3. Play board games while sipping on your favorite drinks. Our favorite is chess or battleship.

4. Drink one of these hot beverage recipes for two, then curl up under a blanket and wait for the warmth to kick in.

5. Do a DIY that you’ve been wanting to do forever, or wait until after Valentine’s Day and make this rustic home decor sign.

6. Check out a documentary together – maybe one you’ve been dying to watch or one that you never knew existed but always wanted the other half to see. I’m all for documentaries, especially ones about nature!

7. Make your very own love signs from old palettes and scrap wood – this is definitely something you can do together!

8. Write each other letters of love or fill these heart shaped jars with love notes that are sure to last a lifetime.

9. Play pin the tail on the donkey – but at home, without all the crowds and bright lights.

Now onto our favorite Valentine’s Day gift ideas for couples:

Custom rustic wood signs

Enjoy a variety of custom rustic wood signs that have been laser engraved with our CNC laser machine right here in NH. You can get a custom photograph or favorite recipe laser engraved on your hardwood of choice for Valentine’s Day or a special anniversary, too!

Unique love jars filled with love notes

Use my printable Valentine’s Day love coupons that can be customized in Canva or printed as-is. Print them out, cut each one, and place them inside a mason jar to show your loved one that they matter. Your spouse can then use the coupons for something special throughout the year. These will surely help spark that romance again.

Get a 3D Memorial Photo

Last, but certainly not least preserve treasured memories in a 3D memorial photo crystal for a timeless, personalized keepsake. These crystal designs are simply adorable and are something I am planning to gift to someone special in my family for their anniversary.

Remember to account for shipping times when searching for the best gift ideas for Valentine’s Day online. You need to order by February 5th in order to get your Crystal Clear Memories in time for Valentine’s Day!

Find Quality Custom One of a Kind Mother's Day Gifts at - Personalize your 3D Crystal Photo Gift Today. Free Shipping! Shop Now. Save 15% sitewide on romantic Valentine’s day gifts at Code: VDAYSAVINGS. Ends Feb. 14th
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Laser Engraved Valentine’s Gifts

Hey did you know that my hubby started a business last year? It’s true! In July 2021 he decided he was done with the regular machine shop work and was going to venture out to use his laser engraver machine to start a business of his own.

There’s so much going on in the world and it’s so hard to keep up. That’s why we decided that we would try a different path. We set out together to attend craft fairs and other vendor events during later summer and early fall months in 2022 and found people loved the quality of the hardwood laser engraved signs!

That means we knew this was a business worth pursuing! To date, RCDNH has sold thousands of dollars in signs and while yes, this is hub’s business, I do handle some admin, marketing & other tasks to help him get Rustic Cabin Designs even further than its current state.

Using his machine shop skills, engineering-like skills, and all that technical machine-like stuff I have no clue about combined with my social media, writing, and other skills for the business side; Rustic Cabin Designs is going places in 2022 and we want to share our quality hardwood laser engraved signs with YOU for Valentine’s Day.

Unique Valentines Gifts For Home

Anyone who has known me a while knows that I’m not too into Valentine’s Day, Mother’s Day, or all those “days” designated to appreciate someone(s) that you should be showing appreciation to all year round. With that being said, I am all about unique home decor gift ideas and so I decided to come up with a list of unique Valentines Gifts for home recently which I think will suit the occasion perfectly.

To add to my previous lists of home decor ideas, here are some new ideas that you can use to gift something unique to that special person who enjoys new home decor options:


They say that our homes give us shelter and comfort and how right they are. Although your partner may not show it, houseplants do wonders to our homes by purifying the air and bringing us peace of mind just by their presence.

Purchase some indoor plants that can prosper in your loved one’s home environment, along with some cute plant pots for them to sit in, and you’ll have done your part to bring the green back into the house.

Valentine Wine Bottle Stoppers

Every wine drinker knows that a bottle of vino tastes better when it’s shared with their significant other. Instead of running out to buy new wine glasses for this occasion, why not let your creativity shine through and make your own?

Purchase some wine corks, fashion them into heart shapes with your craft knife, sand down the sharp edges; spray paint them an even coat of red or pink, and glue on a little valentine message of your choosing. Instant Valentine Wine Bottle Stoppers!

Bottle Cap Magnets

We all know someone who loves to keep those beer and soda caps as souvenirs. Instead of having them stacked up on the person’s dresser, why not repurpose them as magnets?

Purchase some plain fridge magnets, spray paint the bottle caps in a matching color (or colors) and glue the magnet behind it so they can look forward to an endless supply of fun new magnet decorations.

Valentine’s Coupons

This one is for all you romantic souls out there who are looking to make your Valentine feel appreciated this February 14th. Instead of purchasing them a gift, why not make their day by giving them coupons?

Buy these premade coupons for couples today. Simple download and print them to gift to that special someone, or use to edit them to say whatever you like for that someone special this year.

Coupons For Home-cooked Meals

It’s difficult to be in a relationship and always remember what your other half likes and dislikes. So why not take this opportunity to give them something they can use to show that they care?

Some coupons for home-cooked meals, as simple as that. Hand them over on the morning of the 14th and they’ll be reminded how much love and time you put into making sure they eat well every day.

I have this ButcherBox coupon that gets you free bacon for life and $30 off your first order!

Laser Engraved Wood Sign

Last, but surely not least, in my opinion, you can gift a custom laser engraved sign. Not only do we have some amazing home decor signs, but Rustic Cabin Designs also has patriotic signs like the Pledge of Allegiance sign for your home office, and pet laser engraved signs for the pet loves out there.

But today, I’ve been told I can host a giveaway to gift just ONE of my new favorite signs – gnome with love. I adore those cute little gnomes, and I hope this love sign is something you enjoy, too!

If you happen on this post after the giveaway has ended, you can still buy your gnome love sign at Rustic Cabin Designs.

So getting a gift for your loved one this Valentine’s Day doesn’t need to be expensive. With these simple yet creative ideas, we hope we’ve given you some inspiration as to why the home is the most romantic place in the world.

Enter to win THIS SIGN:

The sign measures approximately 4 inches tall by 9 inches long. Made out of maple wood, sourced from New England.

Giveaway Terms

Open to the USA only, except Alaska & Hawaii. Only age 18+ can enter. Please follow all other applicable giveaway/contest rules in your local state when entering. The retail value of this giveaway item is $19.99. The winner will be notified within 24 hours and the item will ship within 2 business days after the winner sends mailing details. If the winner does not confirm within 48 hours after the winning email is sent, a different winner will be randomly chosen using random winner generator. The giveaway ends at 11:59 pm Eastern on January 17, 2022.

Use the below form to enter, or click this link for the mobile version.

a Rafflecopter giveaway

More Gift Ideas:

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11 Most Returned Christmas Gifts

Estimated reading time: 4 minutes

In this hyper-consumerist world, it’s easy to get carried away with the celebrations of Christmas and end up buying things we don’t need and regretting it soon after. The economy of our country is not in its best shape and all money spent on gifts that are returned amounts to a huge loss for the retailers.

Ecommerce portals are swarming with customers returning gifts around this time. It’s an inconvenience for the buyers who have to wait in long queues and follow return procedures, and it is also a huge loss for the portal since these items are not sold after being returned.

To prevent situations like these, portals offer Christmas sale discounts on products so that people buy things they need, and if they end up returning them, they will still save some money.

Below you’ll find the top 11 most returned Christmas gifts. It never fails, these 11 items are more often than not, returned after you gift them to the recipient.

Teddy Bears

Which child can resist hugging a teddy bear? But as cute as these furry creatures may be, they do not make an ideal gift for children around this time. They may seem cheap to you, but they are often expensive for children, and if the child already has a few of these stuffed animals at home, there’s no reason to buy them again.

Cell Phones

Gifting a cell phone is an extremely common practice during Christmas. We all remember how our parents used to present us with a surprise gift on Christmas morning, and it always took the form of a cell phone. But there are many people who do not need extra phones at home, so they return these unneeded items.


Ah! What better way to spice up your sex life than by gifting your partner some new lingerie? You may think that it’s a great idea, but think again! This is one of the most commonly returned items during Christmas.

Jewelry Sets

There’s something so beautiful and alluring about a bunch of assorted jewelry that comes together in a set. And it definitely seems like an extraordinary gift to give someone around this time, but you need to know that this is one of the most commonly returned Christmas gifts.

Ties and Socks

This may sound a little surprising, but it’s true! A lot of people give ties or socks as Christmas gifts because they think that men need more ties and socks in their wardrobe. But these are some of the most commonly returned items during this time, simply because a lot of men already have them, and if not, they don’t need more!

Books and DVDs

This may seem a little surprising, but it’s true! Even though you have searched for the best deals online to save money on books and DVDs, they are often high in demand around this time. People buy them as gifts, only to return them later because they already had one or didn’t need another one.

Electronic Toys and Gadgets

Christmas is the best time of the year to buy electronic gadgets, especially for children. But it’s still a bad idea to gift them electronic toys and gadgets on Christmas because they will likely be returned after the holiday season is over.


A watch seems like such an ideal gift item for someone of any age, but not if it’s a Christmas gift. The item is often expensive and the recipient just does not need it at all. So unless you want to waste your money, don’t get them watches on Christmas.

Sporting Equipment

As much as we love our sports, giving someone new sporting equipment for this festive season is just not a good idea. If the person is passionate about sports, he or she probably already has their own set of equipment to use. And if they don’t, you’re wasting your money!

Sports Fan Memorabilia

People who are avid fans of sports teams often love to collect everything related to their favorite team. So buying them some memorabilia from their favorite team for Christmas sounds like a great idea, right? Wrong! In fact, this is one of the most commonly returned items during the holiday season.


Yes, electronics are expensive and they may seem like a good gift to give someone around Christmas. But it’s just not practical or affordable to get them new electronics, especially when they already have one that’s working just fine.

In conclusion, now you know which items are the most commonly returned Christmas gifts which means you can avoid gifting any of these items in the future.

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