Hosting a Fun Kid-Friendly Party at Home

I am a little delayed in sharing this with you all, but I wanted to share a fabulous plate set with you. This adorable confetti design is something I want to fill my home with. Why? Because I love anything that brings color into my life. Colors give me joy!

This fancy plate set is the perfect option to use when hosting a kid-friendly party at home. With so many of my friends online stating that they’ve been home for a year or months on end without engagement with the real world, I thought I’d share a fun way to liven up their world

This post is featuring a gifted item from Zak! designs

Most of you know that my kids are older. They’re 18, 14, and 12 at this moment but all will have a birthday in the fall. This means, they’re not quite into those fancy fun silly parties, but I still make them roll their eyes at me from time to time with my childish antics.

Such as this particular day when I decided that these confetti plates and large soup/cereal bowls would be the perfect decor for our cupcake dessert!

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How to Throw a Kid-Friendly Party at Home

Listen, everyone is living a different lifestyle these days. Some of you are already gathering or have never stopped gathering with family outside of your home. Some haven’t gathered and will not gather with extended family in your home.

So my tips are going to focus on the idea that you’re planning this kid-friendly party at home with your immediate family to make sure you’re able to have some safe fun regardless of how you’ve been living this past year.

I don’t care what you do! All I care about is that you live your life on terms and be confident with what you’re doing in life!

Get Some Decor

Zak! designs have a variety of fun kid-friendly options to use for this party. You’ll want to take a look at their site. I’m featuring the confetti dinnerware set today. The dinnerware set I’m featuring today is by far my favorite to spread some joy in the home while having a kid-friendly party with my trio.

You might want to select another option, such as their Zak Designs 14.5oz Disney Princess Nesting Tumbler Set for a younger kid’s party!

Get Crafty and Messy

I am all about getting crafty and messy anytime my older kids will partake in such frivolous activities! Gather some glue, sequins, glitter, and beads, or whatever else you have on hand for crafting fun and make a mess.

Plan to have craft supplies on your table before serving the treats, like my delicious funfetti cupcakes I served on the Zak Designs Confetti Melamine Dinnerware plates.

Don’t make this organized fun, just let everyone be creative without instructions or an itinerary!

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Let Loose

Last, but not least, when you’ve been stuck at home forever and need a little joy then please remember to let loose! It’s a good thing for your kids to see you act like a kid.

Families who laugh together, have fun together, and enjoy silly moments tend to have a stronger bond in the long haul of life.

Times are difficult for many of the people out there, so why not have some fun with this kid-friendly at home party just for your love, your kids, and you?!

Now that we got that out of the way, let’s chat a bit about Zak! designs …

All About ZaK! Designs

This amazing company has been creating designs that inspire joy since 1976! Woah, I just realized that joy is part of their slogan. I didn’t realize that when I was writing whatever came to mind when I thought about what I felt when I see and use their confetti dinnerware set.

Kudos to Zak! designs for truly bringing me joy with such a simple item!

This company is known to make its customers smile. They’re headquartered in Spokane, Washington. This company was inspired by a product featured on the Seinfield show, Zak Zany Zoo Oven Mitts.

In 1988, the founder worked with Disney to feature a family favorite Chip ’n Dale Rescue Rangers on their products. Eventually, they featured The Little Mermaid, as well.

Today? This company has a wide range of products for kids and adults. Their designs are spectacular, just check a few of the other options you can purchase from Zak! designs below.

They started off with fabulously creative dinnerware sets and have moved forward with water bottles, and other designs, including some Minecraft designs that will help you throw the best kid-friendly party at home.

Zak! designs is always on the edge of something new. They love trendy colorful items that create joy, so please be sure to keep your eyes on this brand, they’re going to continue doing great things! Learn more about Zak! designs on their website.

More Products from Zak! Designs

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