Many people (especially those who’ve already been in school) think that math never changes. However, the common core school of mathematics involves slightly different techniques that sometimes preclude parents from being able to help their children with math problems. As a math tutor on the side, I was researching to understand the common core techniques a little bit more, and I found a very helpful page full of mobile apps. 

Great Common Core Apps

These apps can help students enjoy learning common core techniques and help parents aid their children’s educational experiences. These apps offer insight into what the common core is, how to locate the information that will be most helpful, and find ways to make learning math more fun. 

Understanding the Common Core

Most adults assume that the common core is a new form of mathematics. But it is actually just a modified standard of mathematics that is purposed to create a higher degree of understanding for students. The whole idea behind the common core is based on the fact that mathematics is a building block subject, meaning that all increasing levels of subject matter are based on the previous level and require that specific skill to be successful. You see, a subject like history isn’t as comprehensive as math. If someone doesn’t understand what happened in Medieval Times, they can probably still successfully understand the Renaissance Period. 

A subject like math, however, builds on itself. If a student doesn’t understand addition and subtraction then they will have a hard time understanding multiplication and division. The student will have an even harder time learning how to simplify fractions and evaluate algebraic formulas. That’s what the common core is designed to do: solidify a student’s core foundation by applying it to a stricter standard than normal mathematics. The creators of the common core wanted students to be more successful when they reached the higher levels of math by establishing a more effective foundation. 

Most Effective Common Core Apps

While most students learn math inside the classroom the most, these mobile apps allow students to enjoy effective exercises and activities outside the classroom as well. There are plenty of apps that can help a student with one math problem or make studying for a test easier, but the best common core math apps will take the knowledge further. 

These apps are the most valuable for students to use. It’s a little bit like the old adage: “Give a man a fish and feed him for a day. Teach a man to fish and you’ll feed him for life.” While there are plenty of these apps that can help with the basic common core homework assignments for students, the most valuable of these apps will help a student attain the deeper knowledge and get a better grasp on the common core. This knowledge will help the student be far more successful in their educational career.

Finding Apps that Make Learning Fun

On top of building a great foundation in math, students also need to build a great foundation in learning. If they consistently feel like learning math is akin to pulling teeth, their enthusiasm for mathematics will dwindle over time. However, if a student can use mobile apps to create a positive relationship with learning, then this enthusiasm will only grow as the subject gets more complicated. 

When mobile apps make learning fun, students might actually start enjoying math. When we enjoy something, we put more effort into it. That’s our human nature, and it’s the opportunity through which mobile apps can draw more effort from students than just a regular old textbook. 


With common core mobile apps at the ready, parents can help students build a stronger math foundation, find more effective resources, and begin to enjoy learning math for the first time in their educational careers. 

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