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How Can I Focus on Being Happy?

Learning how to focus on being happy doesn’t come easy for some people. Even someone like me who tends to see the glass as half full and light in every person, staying happy is hard work.

You see, growing up we often think that happiness is a destination. This idea of being happy will depend on what career we have, who we marry, if we get married, and whether or not we own a home.

Let’s face it, building a business can make you happy but it’s not what keeps you happy. I watch people build their big businesses with their and dreams, but they start to lose happiness.


Well, that’s simple …

All of these ideas we’re raised to think will create happiness are important parts of being an adult, but aren’t what creates happiness. As we venture further into life and walk away from everything we start to realize that happiness is something that we feel.

How Can I Focus on Being Happy?

Learning to focus on being happy is all about having strength during difficult times, keeping hope alive when it seems like hope has vanished, and remembering that we are the one person who can make happiness a part of our everyday life.

Today I’m sharing some ways you can start to focus on being happy. These ideas will not come from another person but rather through implementing new ideas, activities or strategies into your daily life to start placing a higher focus on being happy regardless of what this unpredictable life tosses at you.

How Can I Focus on Being Happy?

Find a Hobby

Having something to do that goes beyond work and family life will help you focus on being happy. I know many people who enjoy going hunting with their light crossbow as a means to have a hobby that goes beyond their everyday life.

Research new hobbies that fit the mold of something that you can enjoy doing. This could be mastering a new skill, learning a new activity, or going back to something that helped you stay happy in childhood when life was unpredictable.

Take Care of Your Body

Make sure you’re staying hydrated and showering regularly. Be sure to have something like to wash your hair well and good soap for your face. Keeping your body in tip-top shape with the right cleansers and regular showers can help you focus on being happy.

Remember to brush and floss your teeth. Be sure to pause for a nice soak in a bathtub as that’s another good way to take care of your body. When you feel clean you’ll often feel happier without much effort.

Find Your Circle

I love that my kids are similar to me in that they’ve never had a huge number of friends in their circle. The trio is mostly introverted, but also know that having too many friends creates a higher risk for gossip and backstabbing. Sadly, at least one kid has learned this through their own experiences.

There is something positive about having a good inner circle of friends though, and the right circle can encourage you to focus on being happy. Again, happiness is an inside job and not a destination, you’ll have to work regularly at staying happy but the right circle of friends makes it easier.

I think that so many of you are out there wondering why you’re not happy. You keep trying different things, and nothing works. I know this pattern, I’ve seen it over and over again but the one change I’ve seen that helps people like that is putting the focus back on something internal.

Putting the focus on the person in the mirror and letting go of any outsider influence like what job you have, if you’re married or not, how your friends are living and so on, will help you remain focused on being happy.

Taking a step back and looking in the mirror, removing those negative thoughts about how you’re not happy when in all reality? You are happy. You simply can’t seem to focus on being happy so you keep thinking that you’re not.

It’s all a mind game, really. This thing called life and happiness is simply a matter of adjusting what you think about, what you say to yourself, and what/who you allow in your life.

You can be happy. You can and you will! Simply use my tips to start putting a focus back on you instead of everything around you! Then grab my Ultimate Guide to Happiness Book noted above, it will help unfold the magic that is learning how to focus on being happy!


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