Tips to keep your home business running well. These tips for home business work no matter what type of niche you work in from your home office.

How can I make my work at home better? Complete Guide

So you want to work at home but you’re not sure where to get started. Perhaps you already work at home and simply need some tips to make your work at home better. Whatever you’re seeking, I’m going to help you today!

Let’s chat more about how you can be successful working from home. Working at home provides you with many benefits such as:

  • Flexible schedule.
  • More work hours.
  • Higher hourly rate.
  • Multiple streams of income.

When you opt to work at home you’re opening the door to a whole new world. Many people who work from home have 4-5 streams of income. While this may sound overwhelming to an average employee, as an entrepreneur it comes naturally for us.

How many streams of income do most millionaires have?

The average millionaire has 7 streams of income. These streams usually include primary salary, secondary salary from a spouse, investment income, rental property income, online business income, and others.

The point is that most millionaires have figured out a way to maters at least 7 streams of income. This helps ensure there’s always money flowing into their bank account from multiple areas.

How can I make my work at home better

How many streams of income do you have?

As an entrepreneur since 2006, I have multiple streams of income that include ad revenue from 3 sites, freelance writing income, ghostwriting sales income, chore threads/VA assist work, affiliate income from 3 affiliate platforms, and advertising income from companies/clients.

Let’s see, that’s about 7 streams of income. The best way to boost your work at home income as a blogger is to Find Your Influence social media marketing. This will help you increase the current stream of an affiliate or advertising income.

How do you structure your day working from home?

I went to the emergency room in June 2019. Yes, I will forever remember that day. The reason I hold onto this memory is because I wasn’t making my life comfortable, nevermind my work at home environment.

A sort of PTSD response combined with stress from multiple directions combined to shoot my blood pressure to stroke levels. I didn’t know it was that hight until I got to the ER.

Yes, I had to find out that I had stroke level blood pressure only through having a major PTSD type attack. They hooked me up to a sensor like ones that use parts from and it was 180 something over 100 something.

The people at the ER told me I was lucky I didn’t have a stroke!

This situation made me start realizing that I had to make a change, and I did walk away from everything to make that change. One huge change for 2020 is how I structure my work at home day:

  • Start my day off with coffee, and chatting with my family.
  • I do NOT look at my smartphone notifications until 1-2 hours after waking up.
  • Use Clockify to track hours for each task to keep me focused on each individual work at home task.
  • Start the workday off with chore thread drops for clients, checking email and notifications on other accounts.
  • Log into paid brand sites to see if I have any paid campaigns.
  • Write blog content advertisements on all 3 blogs.
  • Write content for all ghostwriting clients due that day.
  • Write content for all FB group sales clients that day.
  • Check affiliate earnings, SEO old blog posts, and make new Canva Pin images for popular posts.
  • Complete chore threads.
  • Sign off. (usually between 1 am and 2 am)

I have been clocking my work at home hours this week to see just where I spend my time, and how many hours I truly work every day. I am averaging 4 hours of work per day, and I’m okay with that since I also have to homeschool my younger two kids.

How can I make my work at home better?

Set the Environment

The number one way you can make your work at home space better is to set the environment. Places like allow you to have gorgeous railings leading to your home office.

Have inspirational signs hung in your office, equipment to make your work at home business more efficient, and the best lighting to set the mood.

Use a Planner

I cannot stress this enough! I use Asana to set my daily tasks and use the calendar view. This helps me with a visual to know what tasks I have to complete every day. Honestly, using the Asana calendar view is similar to owning my planner. It’s a visual guide for my work at home day.

If you prefer a pen and paper planner then check out this planner. It’s the best paper and pen planner available to make your work at home comfortable and productive.

Discover Your Peak Productivity Hours

As a work at home entrepreneur, you may find that your productivity hours change throughout the year. Right now I happen to be more on a second shift style work schedule. I’ve found I’m most productive right before dinnertime and again from 9 pm to 1 am.

Do your best to set your home work hours to reflect the times that will work best. Communicate your work hours with clients too, that way they know when you’ll be available for work.

In conclusion, working at home is such a blessing. While it has taken me over 10 years to really nail down a good work at home schedule that helps me earn from all 7 streams of income, I’m finally there.

The best tip I have for you is to sit down and determine your goals. If you’re behind on work, pick one day for that client and get their stuff done. Allow yourself time each day to make some more money, but stay focused on keeping things flowing forward.

With a little motivation, mindfulness, and desire you will start making a decent work at home income with your online business.


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  1. This is such an amazing blog to read. It will be a lot of help for everyone of us in here. Thanks for sharing your thoughts.

  2. I love working at home but I admit some days are better than others. I need to work on being as efficient as possible when I am working.

  3. That sounds like a cary wake up call! I work at home on several projects and I need to master my productivity. I use a bullet journal to stay organized.

  4. My major issue is that my health issues make me a bit of a scatterbrain. I’m working to create multiple streams of income but it is going in baby steps. Writing takes me twice as long as the average writer. I’m okay with that.

  5. You’ve got some great info here. Working from home can be hard at times. I love it though. It also means being able to stay home with my kids more.

  6. Working from home is favorable to me because it makes me more productive whenmy energy is never wasted going to office. I could use your advices in getting the most out of my work from home

  7. These are all on point. I guess everything has it’s own pros and cons doesn’t? I prefer wfh.

  8. This is definitely a must-read blog! Thank you for sharing these helpful tips. many of us will definitely keep this in mind.

  9. That’s a great tip, thanks for the wonderful blog, I also work at home and I find your ideas useful.

  10. My husband retired a year ago, and it messed up my schedule. It is hard to be productive when someone is trying to have a conversation. However, we seem to have a better schedule now.

  11. My hubby taught me something a very long time ago. Multiple streams of income are the key. We do and he was so right. Great post.

  12. I work at home for a University so I don’t always get to plan my own day, but I do get to work from home when I am not traveling.

  13. Wow it sounds like you were very fortunate! I work from home but it is sporadic, and I like it that way.

  14. I work from home and it can be tricky. I can get distracted easily, so I have to put myself on a schedule. Granted, it’s tough when my husband has odd hours at work. I hate when he’s home during the day because it tends to mess me up. I do have a planner!!

  15. I work from ome with my husband and it works out well but the income is always changing. I do not use a planner but that would help. My peak productivity is from 8 AM to 2PM.

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