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How Can I Stay Motivated to Run my Own Business?

How Can I Stay Motivated to Run my Own Business

Motivation is such a tricky thing, you either wake up motivated or have to work a bit harder to find it.  Motivation is a need for many areas in life and yet it’s something that can slip right out the door during rough times. That’s why I wanted to answer an FAQ I get from other bloggers and business owners, “how can I stay motivated to run my own business?”

Continue reading to get some tips and tricks to keep that motivation up no matter how difficult business life gets.

How Can I Stay Motivated to Run my Own Business?

The Down Side of Running Your Own Business

Lack of Income

Running your own business can be rather difficult when your income stream isn’t steady. Many entrepreneurs struggle with building their business up to have a stable income. During the building stages of your business, you may lose motivation easily. When income starts to rise again, you feel motivation slam you as you work at super-efficient levels. 

Fluctuating Moods

With the lack of income or fluctuation of income, running your own business can cause a huge fluctuation of moods. Even men can struggle with feeling confident as well as motivated to run their own business when the income they expect isn’t there. The floating moods will most certainly deter your motivation from being at its highest level. 

Self-Motivation Needed

You’ll need to have a high level of self-motivation to run your own business. Even if you have a virtual assistant, you’ll need to have the motivation to work on other areas of your business. If you haven’t been sleeping well, or income is fluctuating, then it can be extremely difficult to find that much-needed self-motivation to run your own business. 

How Can I Stay Motivated to Run my Own Business?

Know Your Worth

The number one area that many business owners struggle with is learning how to value their time and skills. Running your own business means that you’re in charge of setting prices. If you run a virtual business, then you’ll need to evaluate your time, your value and your skillset to set a rate that makes sense based on these areas. 

Be Confident

When you know your worth and set your rates at this pricing, you may not get as much business as you had, but in time you’ll earn more money and work fewer hours. Be confident in your skills, talents, and business as well as worth and it will pay off eventually. I know that’s a hard part of running your own business, especially when you see bills piling high, but please remain confident.

Market Yourself

Do not be afraid to let people know what you do! Just this past month alone I learned a lot about some of my online friends, such as the services they offer, and I was shocked. I had no idea they provided such a service because they don’t market themselves enough. As you start to put your business out there on social media and market yourself, sales will come and in turn, your motivation will increase. 

When you’re more aware of the downsides of running your own business and follow my three tips for staying motivated when you run your own business you will find that things start running smoother for you. Motivation is hard some days, I get it! I know firsthand how hard it is to stay motivated when you run your own business, I’ve been doing this since 2006 from my home office and other various locations. 

Running your own business is hard, but it’s something to be super proud of! Congratulations on having your own business! I hope this blog post has helped answer the question, “how can I stay motivated to run my own business?” 



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