How do I Entertain my Kids in a Hotel Room?

Are you traveling with kids? Do you need to find new, creative ways to entertain your kids in a hotel room? Let’s face it, traveling with kids is hard. Some days they’re totally fine and self-entertained, then there are the other days; the endless boredom and need for you to find something to do. If you’re struggling to find ways to entertain your kids in a hotel room, then read this for some creative ways to keep your kids entertained in a hotel room

I will tell you that traveling with kids and living an on-the-go lifestyle isn’t for everyone. If you’ve opted to travel with kids all the while trying to find hotel rooms to stay at along the way, then you know how complicated this process can get. We tend to use to find our best deals, but we recently had good luck using

How do I Entertain my Kids in a Hotel Room?

Now, when you use a site like to find a hotel during your travel time, it’s a hit or miss event. You won’t know exactly what size the room is nor what hotel you’ll be staying at. This means you’ll need my tips to entertain your kids at a hotel even more. Are you ready to read some of my brilliant ideas? 

How do I Entertain my Kids in a Hotel Room?

These ideas have been tried by us and work well for kids of all ages, but more specifically keeping our tween and teenager entertained while we enjoy a little New England travel time together. 

Bring The Wii U

Or any device that allows you to enjoy Netflix or Amazon Prime Video. While you do get free WiFi and cable at most hotels these days, it’s not always fun trying to channel surf. The kids will get bored quickly with cable television that mostly has news stations and movies that you find when they’re halfway over. Bringing your Wii U or another device that lets you sign in to your streaming accounts helps keep the kids entertained for hours. 

Go Swimming

If you’re lucky and get a hotel that offers an outdoor or indoor pool, then why not take the kids to the pool? Swimming is great exercise and it helps you get outside of the walls of a dreary hotel room. We’ve been to a few hotels that have had either an indoor pool or an outdoor pool, and some have a hot tub for you to enjoy too. If the hotel doesn’t have a pool, and it’s hot outside, why not look into local swimming spots? Swimming is a great distraction for most kids. 

Bring Supplies

Pack yourself a travel bag that includes multiple ways to entertain your kids in a hotel. Items like pencils, paper, crayons, markers, paper, and other craft supplies make the perfect options to put in a bag while traveling with kids. We also bring books so that the kids can homeschool on the road, but that’s just us. Books can often be a fabulous way to entertain kids in a hotel room, regardless of their age. 

Bring Snacks

I don’t know about your kids, but our two boys get hangry! The youngest has been awful about needing to eat and eat often. It’s like his brother and him swapped places, and now we must keep snacks on hand as well as bottled water when staying in hotels with kids. Some hotels have a water bubbler and vending machine, but don’t count on it at all spots. Pack up some non-perishable snack options that will keep those kids tummies full in between the bigger meals.

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These are just some of the ways you can learn how to entertain your kids in a hotel. When it comes to keeping your kids entertained in a hotel while traveling, it’s all about helping them have the supplies on hand so that they can grab something to do whenever the words, “I’m bored” come out of their mouth.


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