I write these tips as I sit here in the middle of January with 60-degree weather and the sun shining outside. It’s winter in NH, but it’s feeling a bit more like springtime! Mother Nature surely enjoys keeping us on our toes, doesn’t she?

Since it is winter and this 60-degree weather won’t stay around forever, I just have to share some tips to prepare your house for freezing temperatures. The freezing temperatures will return and with it comes the need to keep your pipes from freezing with services from Heat-Line.

If you’re looking to keep your home safe this unpredictable winter season during freezing temperatures, then continue reading as I share some of the best-tried tips for winter season home protection!

Get the Curtains Ready

Go to your local store and grab some winterizing kits for your windows. You’ll also want to get some curtains that are lined for winter cold protection. The freezing temperatures will surely allow some heat to escape your home and cold air to sneak in. Get the windows covered with both a winter window kit and lined curtains.

Cover Those Pipes

I grew up in a trailer, and I remember we had to get those pipes insulated every winter season. For some, they used hay back in the day, but don’t get me started on that could go wrong. Other people use services to come in and insulate their outdoor pipes that may be at risk for freezing temperatures in winter. Some basements are cold and damp in the winter season in New England too, so be sure to cover those pipes!

Check for Gaps

There will be gaps in the attic door, the basement door, the windows, and your entrance doors. Go around your house and check for gaps where air can escape. The more comment places are the attic entrance, the main entry doors, and your older windows. Use winterizing kits to get these items all sealed tight to prepare your home for freezing temperatures.

Reverse Fans

If you have ceiling fans in your home, consider reversing them for the freezing temperatures. This will keep the warm air flowing better and in turn, keep your home warm. It’s all about finding ways to keep your house warm during freezing temperatures, right?!

Timer Controlled Thermostat

Lastly, having a timer-controlled thermostat will help prepare your home for freezing temperatures. There are many smart thermostats that help reduce your energy bill all the while maintaining an even temperature in your home amidst the freezing cold temperatures outdoors.

There you have it, the five best ways to prepare your home for freezing temperatures. Remember when it’s cold outside everyone is inside surfing the internet too, so you can use Rex Originals link building packages to help boost that winter season traffic before the warm weather hits and everyone heads outside to detach from electronics.

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