How Experiences Change Your Perspective

Have you ever wondered why your perspective has changed about a particular topic? Perhaps you can’t seem to change your perspective and curious about how to be more open-minded? Today I’m going to dive into the topic of how experiences change your perspective. 

I recently took a personality test and was shocked to find out that I’m now about 56% introverted whereas not that long ago I took a similar test and was far more extroverted. Upon sharing this revelation on my FB profile, many friends said they’ve changed too! I had no idea that we start to grow more introverted over time.

After all of the disappointments I’ve had in human-kind over the last handful of years or so, it’s honestly no wonder I’ve grown more introverted. I prefer to be in the shadows, behind the scenes, getting stuff done without a huge audience. Sure, you’ll see me blog and post on social media from time to time about things, but I reserve the most private of details to stay private. 

Various experiences changed my perspective!

From the felony crime completed against me.

To the disappointment in having over $10K in tax debt from a learning experience inother people’s business morals & trust.

Then the not living with my kids one summer, to being homeless.Each of these different experiences have occurred over the last five years, and that’s not all of them

How Experiences Change Your Perspective

You have choices. There’s always a choice. You can opt to allow your experiences to change your perspective for the better or for the worse. The choice is up to you. I obviously went with a change of perspective for the better because that’s how I roll.

Perspective of Love

I have always worn my heart on my sleeve. A people pleaser by nature and an optimist who seems to see good in experiences as well as people that aren’t actually good. I’m working on this trait I’ve developed over my entire life, and slowly learning a whole new perspective of love. I’ve learned that true love is not really a feeling per se. While you may get goosebumps or you might have deep feelings for your partner, my perspective of love has been put to the challenge.

My experiences changed my perspective of love in that I now see love more as a dedication of two people who want the best for each other without conditions, without manipulation, with compassion and empathy for each other.Yelling, intimidation and threatening is NEVER a sign of love. Ever. That’s abuse.

Perception of Life

I didn’t need a negative health diagnosis to have my experiences change my perspective of life. Some of you will need that health scare to start living your life to the fullest. What took me to change my perspective of life? 1) A trip to the ER and 2) being homeless and 3) having compassionate and empathetic people surrounding me. Each of these three experiences combined has started to help me realize that there’s more to life than having certain conditions or expectations met

Each day being homeless there’s a whole new appreciation for the kindness of other people. The fact that we’re alive, and that the family is healthy for the most part is surely something you take for granted. When you have everything taken away from you to completely reset, your perspective is changed forever

Travel Changes Your Perspective

When you find yourself homeless, there are many options to choose from. You can beg for money so that you don’t have to feel the emotional pain or coldness of the weather because people may give you thousands if you whine loud enough. You could cry and feel bad for yourself. You can stress out, thus creating more health issues to deal with. We took another route, instead, we’re working hard to make this one of the best adventures yet! 

When you opt to travel with your kids, they start to learn more about the world around them. I’ve watched travel change my sons’ perspective about other people, the family unit, and how to act to others. Traveling from hotel to hotel because you’re homeless can change your perspective of life and allow you to bond with family in a positive way!

At the end of the day, experiences change your perspective. From parenting experiences to life experiences and travel experiences, you can roll all of that into one big bowl of change of perspective. I personally enjoy being around those experiences that change my perspective for the better.

How one comes to be homeless, be abused, have health problems or whatever, doesn’t matter! What matters is that you use these new experiences, good or bad, to challenge the way you look at the world, yourself, and your family. 


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