How Face-to-Face Communication Drives Productivity

“Good communication is the bridge between confusion and clarity.” -Nat Turner.


According to a study, proper communication helps in improving productivity by 25 to 30%. How the message is conveyed and whether or not it is understood by the participants, plays a significant role in every organization.


Plus, in the era where most companies are operating remotely- lack of proper communication can hinder the growth to a great extent.


Fortunately, with the new and advanced means of communication, organizations can easily connect face-to-face with the employees and clients. This makes it feasible for the company to become more productive and accomplish the targets with ease.


Here’s how it works!


  • Helps In Building Trust

Communication is the foundation of trust. According to research, making eye contact, speaking with confidence, and using easy-to-understand language helps in building credibility. Face-to-face talk makes all this possible. It helps in creating mutual understanding, which eventually helps the company get better results.


On the other hand, in emails or telephone conversations, it is challenging to understand the tone of the message and confidence level. Moreover, these impersonal techniques might also create a communication barrier.


  • Prevent Misunderstandings

If the message or information is not conveyed properly, it can lead to misunderstanding. Needless to say, it has adverse effects on your productivity. However, that is not the case with face-to-face talk, as both the parties can ask each other again and get instant feedback and response.


Moreover, you can observe each other’s body language, which ensures that the other person has properly understood the information.


In fact, this is the reason why many organizations prefer using IP phones in their workplace. IP ( Internet Protocol) phones such as yealink ip phones have video conferencing features, a built-in user interface, and Optima HD voice options. Thus the information is delivered without any interference or error. This method also works great for large conference calls.


Proper communication also helps in improving teamwork, reliability and also helps with the decision-making process.


  • Keep Remote Employees In Loop

As most companies are working remotely, the feeling of being left out increases in employees. This makes the employees feel demotivated, thus affecting their productivity. Regular video conferencing ensures that all the remote employees stay connected and work as a unit to help accomplish the goals.


It is particularly important if your company is multinational or if the employees are from different parts of the world. Regular human interactions keep them motivated and improve teamwork.


  • Save Time

Lastly, face-to-face communication helps in saving time. Impersonal means of communication, such as texts, emails, or telephone calls, are time-consuming. The employee will first read the information, interpret it and then provide feedback. This can take a lot of time as well as drain energy.


However, face-to-face calls or video conferencing are instant. Ensures that the message is well understood and gets an instant reply. This helps in saving a lot of time.


To Sum It All Up!

Face-to-face communication ensures that the message is properly conveyed and helps save time. Better understanding and more time in hand promote quality work and at less cost. This also ensures that the remote work goes on smoothly and paves the way for the company’s success.






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