How I Continue to Live Curious During Current Societal Conditions

Hi friends! It’s me again, Brandy Ellen, here to chat a little about what crossed my mind today. I was sitting listening to an interview with Rebel Wilson on a favorite podcast of mine when I had this thought … about how I stay curious. What is it that doesn’t make me lash out at the kids or my beloved family members?

Why am I calmer these days than perhaps I was in past moments?

What is the difference?

Now, to be honest with you, I do believe there are many variables within the answer to this question, so I won’t bore you with getting into all of those, I just want to focus on the curiosity that helps me stay calm during current societal conditions.

What is it that helps me stay curious when I see sadness, fighting, death, anger, tears, negativity, and so forth all over the internet and social media? Even for someone like me, who barely “surfs” social or really never watches the news, I still see some of the anger that many of you hold internally towards various humans or situations.

I get it.

I used to be a very angry person.

In fact, I had a good temper on me. I talked about that before, in this post a little bit.

But today, I don’t have that temper. I do get edgy during that time of the month, and perhaps when I’ve had alcohol.

I no longer enjoy the side effects of alcohol, it just makes me grumpy so I am slowly accepting this and removing it from my life mostly.

How do I stay Curious Amidst Chaos?

I’ve first learned to embrace the fact that life is unpredictable. I heard someone say recently that nothing turns out as he plans and it made me sad for that person when in reality I realized that is something a lot of us could say.

Let Them

I cannot take credit for this Let Them Practice, it was Mel Robbins who shared this concept on her podcast. She shares so many concepts that I was blown away by because half of the time I am like DUDE I’ve been doing that.

I have a lot of good practices but have slacked in trying to find a way to share them. Or maybe I have shared them in the blog here over the years, but society wasn’t quite into this topic yet. I hope you will listen to Mel Robbins’s Let Them Theory on YouTube. Just search for it there, and you will find it.

This concept is just what it says, “let them”. One of the biggest ways I stay calm and curious is by being a watcher of people. You’ve heard of sitting at the park and “people watching” before, right? This is the same concept, but a little harder to implement.


Well, because you’re going to implement it into your daily life with people who maybe are a bit emotionally connected. This means your emotions could be easily heightened and thus a lash-out or crude comment could be inevitable.

That’s in the past!

Now you’re going to try this let Them theory, and to learn more about the concept, go read this Instagram Post or Facebook Post where I share a bit more on how I use it and why it’s AMAZING.

Eat Real Foods

OMGosh this is a huge mind changer! I find that if I eat heavily processed foods or sugars? I am not in the best of moods and I tend to get sleepy easier. This includes organic sugars that I sometimes place into my coffee.

Even after removing sugar completely, including added sugars in foods and artificial sweeteners like Stevia during my family’s Whole30 journey, I’ve started to sneak back in with pints of ice cream, and sugar in the coffee, and so on … which causes my brain to be off-kilter.

It’s like I enjoy torturing myself by going back into old habits, maybe I need to read my Habits = Life book again to remind myself why I am doing all that I do in this hard work era of life 😉

Anyways, if you’re suffering from brain fog, exhaustion, inflammation, or anything else like even shortness of breath? Consider slowly removing sugars. Check out my Whole30 posts for some ideas on how to be successful with that.

I am currently using Dinnerly for meal kits, and while they are not sugar-free, you can Shop Pederson’s Natural Farms! for their sugar-free meat packages to consume fewer sugar additives.

Sleep Best You Can

I know it’s hard to sleep these days with the weather changing and many of you experiencing allergies, but you can make slight adjustments to get better sleep. We are living in a two-bedroom space so the living room IS my bedroom.

It is not fun and proving to be trying on my sleep patterns which means I can sense a grumpy not so curious Brandy shining through on some days. The thing is, when I get curious about this feeling, I end up being less grumpy because I focus on the why.

Why is it that I feel like I am sleeping less? It can’t be just because the living room is my bedroom, for I don’t have this feeling EVERY day. It usually goes back to my food choices, or … the alcohol choice.

Stop Drinking Alcohol

That leads me to this part … stop drinking alcohol! I am so curious day in and day out about the women that I see online saying they are experiencing chronic pain, illness, and mental health disorders but they drink a ton of ALCOHOL quite often.

Even if it’s not all of the time, that’s about all they share. And yet, it doesn’t seem to me that they are curious about why they feel the way they do, because their doctors give them meds so maybe they can do that and drink their alcohol and continue to get online attention for this.

I am so curious why this is how some people choose to live. I cannot relate. I can relate to the feelings, the mental health issues, etc, but I cannot relate to wanting to pop a pill when I know I have more questions about my diet and lifestyle choices first. THIS IS NOT ME SAYING NO MEDS, it is me saying that I personally prefer not to jump at medications, and to TRULY give it my all in changing diet and lifestyle habits first.

It’s hard to do that, so I get why most people give up or say it doesn’t work. I have seen that most humans do not change their lifestyle or habits for all that long before they (or their doctor) are ready to say “It doesn’t work” and give meds instead.

So stay curious about your alcohol consumption. If you had some alcohol and find that the next day or even that same day you start feeling a bit angry, sad, or whatever emotion that isn’t a balanced one … then perhaps it’s time to give up on the alcohol for about 3-6 months or longer to see how your moods (and sleep) stabilize.

Just a warning, I used to drink a TON of alcohol, so fi that’s you? Please be prepared for withdrawal symptoms. I had the shakes and light flu-like symptoms when I detoxed from alcohol many many years ago. It’s not pretty, but it’s worth it.

So when I see society acting a muck saying that they’re so depressed or feeling some sort of angst, I visit them in a curious way online. I see what they’re doing, what they’re eating, what they’re drinking (at least from the things that they do share online) and I notice the patterns that could be changed for the long term to feel better without medications. If they just become open to that.

Start the Day off Barefoot on the Ground

This is a truly amazing new habit that I started recently where I stay barefoot upon wakeup, open the back door, grab an electrolyte drink (this is my fave one), and hang with my dogs in the yard BAREFOOT! I even play ball with Zeke who just loves a good game of fetch.

I do this for 10 to 30 minutes depending on the day and found that within a week? I was starting to be away more relaxed and well, I absolutely attribute it to this change since I haven’t been making the best choices in my food and sleep ears of life these days. I even had two beers with my campfire on Friday, so yeah, even I the habit change advocate make human mistakes.

Take Daily Walks

This is for sure something I sort of paused on, my indoor walks! It’s awful, I admit it, but you should start talking a daily walk. Even if you just use the 15 to 30-minute walking indoors videos on YouTube, this is so valuable.

I am back at daily walking and it’s such a game changer for my curiosity and mood. These daily walks clear my mind so I can go out and look at the Earth and all of the humans on this planet with a sense of child-like curiosity instead of angry judgment for whatever unnecessary reason.

Smile on Purpose

Another thing I do is smile on purpose. My youngest son told me that I make people uncomfortable or something because when I smile at strangers, I smile as if I know them. This confuses them. I can vouch for that opinion because I do notice lately I get a huge smile back and a friendly hello or a look of confusion from people like, “Do I know this chick, and why is she smiling at me if I don’t”.

Either way, I giggle because it’s just fun to smile on purpose. I am smiling and joyous for someone else, I am doing it for me, and in turn, I end up showing up as this curious open-minded human that is ready to receive and give in this life as I am guided by God.

Be a Watcher of your Thoughts

This concept is best explained by Eckhart Tolle in The Power of Now. If you get this book, please know that it takes time to soak in the concepts, and really take this to heart. I’m not even done with it, but that first concept shared of becoming a watcher of your mind? It’s transformed my life nearly as much as reading The Best Yes a couple of years ago did.

Habits = Life
Tanner, Brandy

As you can see there are plenty of practices I have implemented in my life to remain curious about society without judging the new generation, the old generation, or the current generation of humans. I know that we all serve a space in this world, and that history repeats itself.

I can see very clearly that evil is at hand for some things, but I know I can’t stop that. What I can do is implement the best practices in my life, pray often, and be kind no matter how someone else is behaving.

I hope that you’re inspired to try some of these practices and remember that once upon a time you were these angry, sad, and hurtful humans, too! Your elders were so worried, they thought you were crazy, and they may have been right. So here you are, judging the generations the same way … why not let the new curious state of being become the new normal in your family line?!

Good luck.

You can do this.

I have Faith in you.


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