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How I Manifest All that I Desire

This sounds silly to some out there, I know! I have been the person trying to explain the law of attraction to people for years. I never knew it was an “actual thing” until I was older, but apparently, I have been practicing this “law” since my late-teen early adult years.

My earliest memory was that of a teen that wanted to date a specific boy.

I was at my job, a local mountain, doing the food serving thing. I looked over and saw this snowboarder or maybe he was a skier, not sure, but it was a boy. This boy was a teenager maybe, although I am not sure how old he was. With that being said, I looked at him thought he was cute and said to myself that “he will be my boyfriend someday”. Well, about 2-3 years later? I did date that person for maybe a few months.

The funny thing is? I didn’t remember this story until well into my adult years.

Perhaps I’ve remembered it off and on. All I know is that that story seems to come to the front of my mind anytime I’m talking to others about the law of attraction. Little things like this happened and continue to happen to me in my life.

Just that one positive affirmation that starts with “this will” or “I am” or “I will” and ends with some magical idea I get in my head that I believe will be true is all I need!

I believe it.

I feel it.

I speak it.

The universe brings it!

Sounds pretty simple, right? If you can think it – you can be it!

Well, slow down there Friend. It’s not that simple.

I used to struggle explaining this to other people. I’d tell them that all they needed to do was think happy thoughts and believe that this something or other would come true with all their might.

The truth is? I wasn’t explaining the missing link.

The missing link is that you need to get a few things aligned before the Universe grants your every wish. You see, the Universe will not give you something that you’re not ready for!

What’s all that must be aligned first for Law of Attraction to Work?

I’m so glad you asked! Here are some things that I have to continuously keep aligned so that my thoughts will manifest the reality that I desire and deserve:

  • You must work through any patterns of negative self-talk or negative talk in general.
  • You must believe that you deserve this and will receive this.
  • You have to be honest with yourself out loud and inside your mind.
  • You have to work on self-confidence and your limited or learned belief systems before the law of attraction will begin to work in your life.

Well, How Can I work on my belief systems?

That’s a difficult question to answer. You see, I have taken years upon years of working on myself. Each time I work on myself and think I’m ready to continue forward, I make some off-the-wall choice that self-sabotages everything or I simply just get feeling down about myself.

  • Yup, I struggle with negative self-talk from time to time. (especially if I haven’t been sleeping well)

I have gone up and down and down and up my entire life! Now that I’m almost 40 years old, I decided that I would work a lot harder on myself. The fiasco of 2015 to 2018-ish was enough to smack me back to reality so that I can work harder than ever on what matters most – my mindset, my family, and my confidence to know my truth.

I read The Best Yes, I watched videos about narcissistic abuse. I read Quora’s questions and answers about this type of relationship pattern.

I have spent months figuring out what I truly desire in life.

I knew what I desired in business, or so I thought. The reality is I had no clue just how far I could take myself as an entrepreneur and well when I did the hard work of getting my goal success life coach certification?

  • I found I helped myself gain so much more than I imagined while losing some of those limited belief patterns I’ve developed. The course helped me more than I ever thought it could or would!

So the key to learning how to manifest all that you desire is to first make sure that you are very clear about what you want in life, business, and so forth.

  • The universe does NOT bring you things you’re mediocre about.
  • The universe does NOT bring you things that you “think” you want.
  • The universe DOES bring you what you’re ready for.
  • The universe brings you what you’re truly confident about wanting deep within your soul.

The universe can tell the difference between a “fake” and a “real” dream or goal. You see, I thought I had things figured out, but alas I did not. I spent a few years with some amazing law of attraction results, but then the unpredictable life situations came in to play around with my head.

I got taken down (mentally) and had to fight my way back to this law of attraction state of mind. I’ve worked so hard to remind myself that I am pretty awesome, and I deserve my great success.

I believe you deserve your great success, too!

I want you to feel confident, and ready to attain all that you desire in this lifetime!!

I’m going to keep writing in hopes that someone out there reads this and feels like they can do it! They can achieve what they desire. They can work through those limiting beliefs to have a growth mindset and succeed.

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12 thoughts on “How I Manifest All that I Desire”

  1. What an interesting point and I had a great time reading it. I believe words are indeed powerful, good or bad. It’s good to know what you want and verbally speak out affirmations as well.

  2. This is such a great reminder about how powerful our thoughts are. I have always believed in the Laws of Attraction and just need to remember to put it in action

    1. Thank you for your comment. We have to always remain true to who we are for this to work – it can be hard at times.

  3. Very interesting article. I love reading and knowing other people’s perspective. Success, we all deserves it but we need to our part in order to achieve.

    1. Thank you so much for your comment. Yes, we all need to do our part to achieve success – believing is step one 😉

  4. I do believe our words are powerful. I try to speak out my desires as much as possible and believe in them.

    1. Words can be so much more powerful than what many realize, this includes the words we tell ourself 😉

    1. Thank you for taking the time to read this and leaving a thoughtful comment. Xo

  5. Very interesting read! I believe we all deserve great success as well. I find that when I don’t believe in myself, that success and growth never happens!

  6. I always think it’s interesting to hear different people’s perspectives on how this works. It’s very interesting the power our minds have that we take for granted. It’s almost like a 6th sense that we’ve been ignoring.

    1. It really is something else to become more aware of how much control we have over our life. Sadly, children are born with this intuitive nature but the educational system, environment, and upbringing in most cultures don’t keep the children focused on harnessing the power of their mind … so it becomes lost 🙁

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