How Lawyers Help Everyday People

As I venture further into the year 2021, I have developed a strong sense of what I want to achieve and how I’ll achieve it. I’m also learning a lot about decisions I made previously that I should have hired someone like a criminal attorney to assist with. You see, the things that I just put my hands up in the air and said “whatever” to simply because I wanted to move on from that situation caused me a lot of financial troubles.

I’m paying a ridiculous amount in taxes from a previous year’s work that was supposed to be split 50/50. Yes, I am still paying on taxes from the year 2017. That was the final year when I had a “business” income split between someone else who refused to ever fill out their W9 so I have zero proof and only a word of mouth agreement to hang onto.

Essentially I received all of the funds, and since he committed a crime against me and had never completed his W9 I asked for numerous times – I got stuck with the bill and here I am in 2021 still paying on it.

Lesson learned – always get a written contract and a W9 from a “business partner”.

That is exactly why I threw my hands in the air and just said whatever. I felt I didn’t have a leg to stand on and so here I am with thousands of dollars in debt from a decision that perhaps having a lawyer to help with a small business would have helped me.

While I don’t know what type of lawyer could have fought for the right justice in that situation, I do know that lawyers can help people with all sorts of problems.

You just have to be ready to fight for what you deserve and find a lawyer who feels you have a case worthy to take on.

So today I wanted to talk about lawyers and how they can help everyday people like you and me. From a criminal attorney that can help fight for justice when you’ve been wronged to a lawyer that can help with small business paperwork, there are many ways lawyers can make your life easier.

Such as that time when someone hid an audio recording device in my home only to eavesdrop on my KIDS and ME without our permission.

This was illegal and justice was served so to speak, I mean he went with a plea deal and I didn’t have to attend any trial so it was enough justice for me.

Sometimes you need a lawyer to fight for your justice because you just don’t want to sit there up on the stand and get questioned. Haven’t you seen the movies?

The person who is supposed to be the victim gets questioned and questioned and sometimes you end up feeling like perhaps you were in the wrong when in reality it was the actual messed up person who committed the crime that was in the wrong.

Whether you’re looking for help with a crime that was committed against you or perhaps you need some help with creating proper contracts for your small business, a lawyer can help you with everything! I know some lawyers are rather expensive, but looking back?

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I wish I had called one to learn more about how they could help me with getting half of the rent for the lease we had together to the landlords so I wasn’t still paying a small weekly payment on that debt, or how I could have received the thousands in tax debt which would have been his portion of the debt.

If you think about, I’m paying over $300 per month on installment agreement and payment plans for something that someone else is half responsible for.

While I do share this experience as something that sucked financially, the reality is I was more hurt by the word of mouth agreement that wasn’t kept. I am a BIG supporter of the handshake meaning a deal was made and learned that not everyone else lives that way.

The financial side I got stuck with may not be my responsibility in a moral sense, because I wasn’t willing to find a criminal attorney or some attorney that would help in this situation, I am now legally stuck with my monthly payment agreement to get rid of this debt because I am a woman of my word and stick to agreements made unless an emergency situation arises.

Life isn’t fair, folks. So please do not ever let someone else get away with the minimum possible. If you’ve been wronged in life please consult with a lawyer.

There may be some sort of compensation or justice that would be served if you have the right person guiding you in the process!


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