As part of our camping session here in New England, we’ve come to find out that having a canopy is a necessity. When it comes to camping in a tent with kids, there’s no real shelter other than piling into a tent together. Opting to camp all summer to catch up on everything and find a place to call home for this large family means we have to find creative ways to get shelter during a rainstorm.


We decided to invest in a low-cost canopy that’s quite honestly a pain in the bum to set up. Now that we’ve set it up a few times, we’ve learned some tips to help you pick a canopy for camping that suits your family’s New England camping needs.

How to Choose the Best Canopy for Camping

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Select an Affordable Option

Make sure that the canopy you opt to go with is affordable for your budget. We’re on a super tight budget so that we can enjoy summer to the fullest while camping in a tent with kids. There are so many tent canopy sizes and prices out there on the market it’s not easy to know which one is worth the expense. Review your budget and window shop a few camping supply stores before purchasing the best canopy for camping.

Will You Have Help

Next up you’ll want to figure out if you’ll have help for setting this canopy up or not. When you opt for a lower-cost option, you’ll find that having help is the best way to get this lower cost canopy for camping set up. There will be numbers on each pole, connectors, and a tarp-like cover to place overhead when setting up a lower cost tent canopy.

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What Size Do You Need?

There are so many different sizes for canopies. You can go with an 8 foot by 8 foot, a 10 foot by 10 foot, and so on and so forth. The size options for a camping canopy are endless. This is why it was so difficult for us to figured out which canopy for tenting to go with. Figured out what you’ll have underneath and how many people as a means to determine what size canopy you should opt to purchase.

How many tables fit under a 10×10 canopy?

A 10×10 canopy measures 100 square feet. The average number of seats a 10×10 canopy can fit is about 10, obviously depending on the chair size. When it comes to how many tables fit under a 10×10 canopy you’ll have to measure the size of your tables to figure out how much square footage the tables need to fit comfortably underneath a canopy for camping.

Now that we shared our funny story and some canopy options for your next camping trip, hopefully, you’re ready to hit the woods and have some fun! 

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