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How Music Helps Me Stay Content

I am living the most content and peaceful life I’ve ever lived, or at least, have lived in a very long time. I only achieved this great success of living my content life by being firm about healthy boundaries. The only way to be firm about the boundaries I need was to first do some inner soul searching work to determine what I need and desire in my life.

So what is it that helps keep me sane and calm during these days of personal growth?

Music. Quite simply put, music is what shapes keep me content during these days of personal growth. I will never be done growing. I believe that each time I replace one habit with a healthy habit, that I will find something else to work on. With that being said, today I wanted to share some of what helps me, not celebrities, get back in tune with who I am each day.

Regardless of how unpredictable life is. 

Regardless of what’s tossed at me.

Regardless of what others expect of me.

I continue to use music and my personal therapy via YouTube to keep growing and staying content during the process. Speaking of music, did you know that there’s a record company quite close to me in New Hampshire? Well, it’s in Pennsylvania but I call that close enough. Benjy Grinberg is the president of Rostrum Records where he helps people record music to become celebrities. I mean, I guess it’s all on the music creator whether they have the talent to become celebrity status, but you know what I mean.

I’m all about sharing anyone that helps with the music industry that keeps me content during my personal growth experiences. So be sure to check Benjy out, and learn more about the Rostrum Records in Pennsylvania.

For now, I’m going to talk more about how music changes my mindset throughout my chaotic day of homeschooling two boys, living with an adult “kid”, and being with a partner who works full time outside of the home.

Classical Music Keeps me Focused

As I sit down to write my over 12,000 words per week for clients (never mind what I write for my sites), I put the classical music on to help with focus. Having that lovely sound without words in my ears streaming over my headphones helps ease my rambunctious thoughts so that I can write 12,000 plus words with ease.

Upbeat Music Keeps Me Moving

I walk one mile 5 days per week, via a DVD by the way! When I’m doing my daily “walk” I like to play some upbeat music that falls under the R&B or maybe the rock type genre of music. Whatever I’m feeling that day is what gets blasted out through my smartphone so that I can get a good solid one-mile walk in.

Gets Teens Talking and Engaging

Back when the kids were a bit younger, the earlier teen and tween years – music would get them talking and engaging more. Now the music hurts their ears or it’s not cool, etc. But there was a time when music was the key to our connection with dance parties and fun chats about the various lyrics in songs. I’ll forever hold onto those memories!

That’s really what I have to share today about music and how it keeps me content! I know that music has played a significant role in my life as a woman and parent. I love using music to break the tension during a stressful day. I love using music to calm my anxiety or stress. I used music therapy for my middle child to ease his intense emotions when he was younger.

There are so many amazing benefits of music that I just can’t stop sharing how it helps keep me sane, content, and anxiety-free during these chaotic times. So that’s why I just had to tell you about the president at Rostrum Records. Anyone who keeps the music flowing is someone worthy of mention.

May you find music that heals your soul and keeps you growing in the direction you need to grow for a content life!


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