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How my reality comes to be …

As I sit here dreaming about a trip to the Netherlands, the architecture I’ve seen through YouTube videos, the ability to make this trip happen for my family or at least my son, the hard work behind the scenes and dedication that goes into making sure that this trip can happen. It’s all so mind-blowing at times.

My other half and I have put this off, for financial reasons, for moving out of a home reasons, for not having a stable shelter, to not knowing how to have a pet sitter while not having a stable place to go to the Netherlands. I mean, the human excuses are plenty.

The funny thing about excuses is that they are legit, they come from a place of truth. The problem with these excuses is that they are mostly from your logical side that doesn’t see the creative ways to make this trip happen.

So, how am I manifesting a trip to the Netherlands?

Here’s how …

First, I know this trip will happen. Second, I meditate on it and have been told (by my inner guide/voice/intuition) to let go of the dates. Note: not give up on the dates we wish to go, but rather do not focus on the date as the human mind will get overwhelmed by that part of this manifestation. Third, I trust that the actionable steps I take to visualize the trip and to see the money unfold from multiple streams of revenue in the house. I trust the fact that I have no anxiety about this trip. I trust that this trip is meant to happen.

I know that this trip is more about my son than it is about my desire, which is what gives it more power within the manifestation realm, in my opinion.

A selfless mission can gain much more inside of the manifestation realm. That is, doing something or wishing for something that is for someone else, not your own gain.

Brandy Ellen

Yes, I believe in manifesting your reality. I believe that your thoughts combined with your actions hold weight and make things happen. I also know that the feelings behind manifestation must be so strong, and so real to you that it brings this envisioned reality into your current realm.

It’s a long process to understand for those who aren’t wired this way, so I thought I would simplify or make the process of the law of attraction combined with the law of action concepts a little easier to understand for the average person who wants to make their life better but feels stuck.

Believe me, friends, I can feel stuck and defeated at times, so this guide below is not only to help YOU learn more about how to make your reality all that you dreamed, but to remind me of how powerful my thoughts, feelings, and actions are.

How to Manifest What You Want in This Life

I know that this concept sounds silly to others, believe me, I have had the looks. I have had the eye rolls, I have heard it all, and then I get called LUCKY when I end up creating this reality with the law of attraction and law of action techniques.

I never knew the science behind these concepts until later on in life. I had and have always been the type of person who’s created my reality, and kept my imagination and creativity intact but I didn’t realize that I was actually taking part in this science that we now know more about.

Brandy Ellen

Step 1 – What do YOU WANT? What do you REALLY want?

The first part of this process is to really think about what you want. Do not think about the things you’ve been raised to want, what someone you love wants for you, or what you think you should do. That plays zero part in your manifestation process.

Why? Well, because this manifestation process is more about what you’re naturally guided towards by this inner feeling or “voice” or something similar. I have been known to call it my intuition in the past, but it can also be the voice of God, the voice of Source, or some other beckoning that you can’t hear with human ears, rather it’s almost like a mind talk situation (yet more subtle than famous movies depict).

This may take some time for those who are not naturally wired this way. I am naturally wired this way so the process is a little easier for me to believe in and trust in. I don’t think you need a high level of self-confidence, or anything magical like that to begin creating your future reality.

You simply need to know and trust that you’re being guided towards this for a reason. Take the Netherlands trip, although most who know me would say why in the heck are you not anxious about this trip? Why do you even want to travel to Europe, Bran? I mean, they aren’t wrong to question. This trip is so outside of my comfort zone and normal desires.

The reason is simple, it’s about my kid. When a ‘thing’ becomes something about my kids … I tend to be pretty calm and trust the process that it’s meant to be and will be. This matches my value system.

As you work on this process of visualizing and trusting what it is that you desire in this life, you will learn to know exactly what your calling is in this chapter (of life), and what you need to focus your attention on.

Sidebar: Don’t let the stresses of today such as money, shelter, food, etc get in the way of this process. Manifesting a reality or a new truth in your current life isn’t about logical thinking, it’s about dreaming like a child again with the joy and emotions that come with that deep level of believing in a dream life.

Why do you think I say #nevergrowold all of the time? You must learn to embrace that curiosity and imagination you once had, so that you can manifest quicker and more in your human life.

Brandy Ellen

Step 2 – Put what you want into a vision board or Notes or Signs

I am a visual person, I firmly believe that what you think you can become and what you become is much better than anything you ever thought. This is why, I use visual reminders to make my dream manifestation a reality.

I have created vision boards, plus I use Post-it notes on my computer monitor, signs in the bathroom, or signs on the walls in the house. This helps to make sure your creative mind never forgets what you’re aiming to have in this human world. The more visuals you have, the easier it is to redirect your thoughts towards what you desire.

In 2022, I actually placed an income goal that was far beyond anything I had thought of making before. The awesome thing is that I doubled what that little sticky paper on my monitor said. I doubled it for most of the year in 2022 after having it as a subtle reminder on my monitor at the start of the year.

Now, please remember that manifesting takes time. It won’t happen right away and you will be tested on whether or not you truly want this. Yes, you will be tested. Do you truly want what you tried to figure out in step 1? Do you really want this with your whole heart and soul?

Step 3 – Remember the feelings even when the real world makes it hard to believe and feel it

You must fully desire and want this, in order for it to become truth quicker. You must believe this will happen or this is your truth, regardless of what happens in the external world. My friends, this is the hardest part of the process.

I have worked with people in the past who were like, “But Bran I thought and I focused, and I really desired this but nothing happened”. And all I could think was that we just had this chat a week ago, or a month ago, it takes time for this process to occur. Even someone like me who believes in this fully and does it often, can take quite some time for the dream desire to become reality.

The process occurs when you are fully ready for the desire to be a reality. For example, I desired to be a published author, and that didn’t occur for 1-2 years after I had placed it on my vision board the 1-2 years prior. It was funny because I had actually forgotten it was on that vision board until about a year after after publishing this book with my daughter.

Brandy Ellen – Positive Girl: The Power of your Thoughts

So, you see sometimes when you let go of the focus and human drive to have it or need it, your manifestation occurs naturally. When I say that you must be ready for whatever it is that you desire, it isn’t a human measurement.

The universe will know when you’re ready to receive this reality that you’ve dreamt up. For example, if you want to make a 6-figure income but you’re an alcoholic or gambler or you give up on budgeting your income. The universe will take that manifestation away or push it further out into your life for a time when you appear more ready for this level of dream reality.

I know this may sound rough for some of you out there to understand, and that’s okay. I know that what I speak about takes a lot of creativity, imagination, and dreams to trust in. I know that what I share from a place of love isn’t for everyone.

I also know with my entire being, that I was drawn to write this blog post on this particular day and share it because the person who just read the blog post this far AND feels inspired to take an actionable step. They needed to hear this. Yes, you! You are one of the few who I was called to share this with, and perhaps by helping you, I can help my son get to the Netherlands this year, too.

Much love to you and yours.

Always a friend,

Brandy Ellen


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