How Quickly we are to Argue with Source

I am sitting here laughing and shaking my head at myself, over this dumb thing I do. As I’m in a year of self-reflection, continued from previous years, and a new year of spiritual awakening, I find my eyes being opened to more habits I have.

I’m not talking about the habits of eating an entirely too big a serving of General Tso’s chicken, no, I mean habits in the way of thinking or debating or as I am about to discuss today; arguing with Source. Why in the heck do I argue with my Creator? I don’t do it on purpose, by the way.

It’s a habit.

After many experiences in this world, I’ve come to have a belief system. This belief system says, “If that, then this” and while that’s great, we all need to come up with some sort of beliefs based on real life. This belief system is merely created by your perception of that situation. Much like I chatted on YouTube about the other day, our perspectives on a situation are merely ours, someone else can have a completely different perspective about something that you both experienced on the same day, at the same time.

So, is life real or is it more a set of experiences that we perceive a certain way that ultimately leads us to have a belief system?! Then our belief system is what keeps our habits going, and we just keep on beliving our belief system and our habits until the day we pass along from this Earth.

The reason for me saying this entire thing about belief systems is that sometimes Source knows best, actually Source always knows best. We just don’t always trust Source. Haha … so today I had a shove, a gentle nudge, a little “Hey this is what you should do tomorrow” sort of voice.

Not the voice that makes you think you’re crazy, but this voice coming from your guide, Source, God, whatever you call the “something bigger than you that guides you” – that voice.

Today He was saying, “ocean, ocean, ocean you go tomorrow.

Alright, alright, my friends! I will get back to my story on how I continue to argue with Source, even though I fully believe that Source knows best.

Just today, I had this calling. This feeling. This something inside of me …

Calling me to go to the ocean.

I mean I love the ocean, and I used to go so much more often but alas those were beautiful memories I wasn’t ready to relive then in March of I think last year, I headed out to Hampton Beach, Hampton NH with my adult kiddo to enjoy the tides of the ocean and a stay at a hotel right on the beach. I mean we could go onto the balcony and see the ocean, smell the ocean, feel the ocean (ok not feel but I mean sort of feel the salt in the air type of feeling), and it was fabulous.

I legit loved making a new happy memory in this place that didn’t involve the other previous memories that had occurred at this spot. My soul needed that time with my daughter, and I think my daughter needed that time for their soul, too!

See, this is why I can’t tell a story, I go off-topic, my friends. Off-topic or on the topic but on a different stream of topic point …. So today I was called to go to the ocean.

There are only a couple days per week, and they aren’t always the same days, that I get a full day of being able to do something just for me.

  • Be it a solo trip.
  • Be it napping on the couch.
  • Be it watching chick flicks.
  • Be it working.

Two days that I could do whatever my little heart desires. And so what have I been doing?

Coming up with every damn excuse to not do the thing that I need to do the most; visit the ocean for my ocean saltwater therapy!

Connecting with the ocean, meaning just walking along the sand near the ocean water transports me to a land somewhere else. Just ask my adult kiddo, when we took our trip I took off walking, just walking slowly along the beach away from them in my own little world. It’s as if I was just literally in this calm state of mind with nothing else in my head except sea, salt, and sand.

And it was cold. I’m going to use some photos in this post from the trip. It was cold. It was windy. It may have been rainy, OMGosh yes! It was like sheets of hard rain coming at our faces, I remember now! We were walking back from a store since it was off-season, the closest store or eatery was about .4 and .7 miles from our hotel. We had to walk to get food and drink, but on the way home we got pelted with some hard-ass rain.

We laughed so hard and couldn’t help but say a little hallelujah when we reached our hotel after walking in this hard-hitting rain stuff.

The fun we had. Oh gosh, no wonder Source is telling me that I need to go back. That ocean whether it’s Hampton Beach in New Hampshire or York Beach in Maine, is home for me. It reconnects me to Source, and yet here I am coming up with 100 reasons why I can’t go to the ocean tomorrow.

I kept telling Source that I couldn’t go because of this or that and this and that, finally, I decided to just say I am going to water tomorrow. I don’t care where I end up as long as I am safe, Source is the one who guided me, and I feel reconnected to nature at the end of the trip.

So, my friends, if you’re feeling a calling to go somewhere, a place where you feel at home, comforted, and safe? Perhaps you should visit that space sometime soon. From my experience, Source will only tell you a few times before He stops sharing his vision for you. If you ignore it, it ignores you so to speak.

And that, my friends, isn’t a good feeling. It is a rather empty feeling. Ask me how I know. Maybe I’ll revisit how I know someday with you …. Until then, just trust me.

May peace and love be with you, Friend.


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