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How Remaining Available for Your Customers Could Drive Your Business

We live in a world where people expect quick answers. They can go to Google and type in a search query, then get a response in seconds.  Offering a similarly prompt response to customers who engage with your business could boost your profitability and make your company more prominent in the marketplace.

Give Customers a Strong First Impression

Experts often say there’s only one chance to make a first impression. That’s why using answering service software is an excellent, readily available option. It allows you to let other people answer calls on behalf of your business, including during weekends and holidays.

If new customers contact your business and no one picks up the line, they could get discouraged and quickly decide to look elsewhere to get their needs met. Similarly, they may feel awkward about leaving a message after hearing your voicemail prompt.

Using an answering service that depends on live humans lets customers know that someone is available for them. It’s even better if you choose a 24/7 service. Then, no matter what time of day or night someone gets in touch, there’ll be a professional on the other end of the line, ready to greet them.

Help Customers Stay Loyal

If customers get the idea that your business is always available to them, they’ll have more positive opinions. Most people like to deal with companies that they know well. Engaging with an unfamiliar business can have some degree of risk since customers don’t entirely know what to expect.

If you operate the business in ways that show people you’re continually available for them, they’ll be more likely to conclude that they love your business and may even decide to recommend it to others. Then, you’ll have more traction in the marketplace

Ongoing availability for customers doesn’t mean staying open all the time. It could simply mean that you depend on an external team to answer the phone outside of business hours and take detailed messages. Then, when your company opens the next day, you’ll have relevant information about how to assist the people who called.

Offer People a More Appealing Option

Staying available for your customer base is also an excellent way to expand the number of people who know about your business. Maybe it’s difficult to differentiate your organization in the marketplace because several other entities offer similar services.

Consider the example of a printing services company. Perhaps there are three other businesses like that in a relatively small community. However, if you operate the printing services company on the weekends while your competitors remain closed, that’s a strong differentiator.

In such cases, people are often willing to take their business elsewhere, even after frequenting other companies for a while. Then, showing customers that you’re available could help you serve a larger segment of the audience.

Provide Welcome Peace of Mind

Staying available for your customers could also help them remain calm during urgent situations. Maybe you run a veterinary office or a plumbing business. In both of those examples, it’s highly likely that you’ll hear from people in dire situations who need assistance during odd hours.

Relying on an answering service can help you prioritize the calls and decide which ones need your immediate attention. If someone calls to get assistance with a sink that has a slight drip, that issue can almost certainly get dealt with during the next business day. However, if the person has an overflowing and unusable toilet, that’s an emergency.

Even if you don’t provide in-person assistance to every person who reaches out during your off-hours, individuals will still appreciate that there’s a caring voice on the other end of the phone. It can be extremely frustrating and distressing to be in a frightening situation and feel alone in facing it.

Answer People’s Questions and Provide Clarification

Besides the examples given here that show how business availability could bring more customers to you, your company could also benefit from a system that enables giving immediate answers to straightforward questions.

For example, perhaps someone calls and asks if your business is open on weekends or whether your cafe has gluten-free options. When there’s someone available to let them know those things, the information could shape potential customers’ later actions.

You may not have initially considered how availability plays such a key role in helping you attract and keep new customers. However, it should now be clear that being there for people can pay off in numerous ways.


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