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How Social Media Can Help Your Relationship With Your Customers

There are lots of us across the world who are using social media more now than ever before. And with so many people online on a daily basis, businesses can really benefit from what social media can provide for their success.

Whether it’s live streaming on Tiktok or creating an IGTV on Instagram, there’s plenty of things to be doing on these channels in order to connect with your customers, whether that’s your regular ones or those who are potentially going to be your customers in the future.

Here’s how social media can help your relationship with your customers.

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It’s More Personable

Social media creates a more personable experience when it comes to you like the brand and the customer themselves. Much like the earlier social media platforms like MSN and MySpace, the platform gives the customer the opportunity to message the company directly with just a few short swipes and clicks.

What you also create on your social media channel is likely to be a lot more personable, perhaps showing behind the scenes footage or images that your customers may never have experienced before.

Being more personable is important, and so where you can, it’s worth giving your customers more than you have before. That doesn’t mean you have to give them free stuff or discounts necessarily, but offer them the content that is enjoyable and that people, in general, would love to look at or watch.

Social media ends up being a more personal thing to enjoy, and so why not provide that for your customers?

You Can Create Interactive Content

When you create content, it’s important to focus on what does well and what doesn’t. You should be looking at the content you create and see what it is that’s doing better.

The content that does better is going to be the blueprint and formula that you go off every time you post something new.

Interactive content can be really handy in creating a more special relationship with your customers because it’s asking for their interaction, whether it be an opinion or answer to a question. Those who spend money on brands want to feel more involved in general, and so creating polls for your Instagram stories can be just one example of how you can form a closer bond with each customer who follows you on your social media handles.

Explore what channels are doing well for you and start to think up of new ways to interact with your customers, which makes it exciting for them to do.

Customer Feedback Is More Readily Available

With social media, you’re likely to get a double-edged sword. As much as it can be great to have a more close connection with your customers, it also opens you up for criticism and feedback. Now not all of that feedback or criticism is a bad thing because it can allow you to correct any mistakes or bad experiences that your customers have.

By correcting these mistakes and openly doing so in the public domain of your social media channel, you’re showing other customers that you care. That makes you more favorable by customers because you end up transforming a potentially bad experience into a more neutral or better one.

Customer feedback should always be welcomed rather than feared. Of course, there’s going to be occasions where problems can’t be fixed, but if you’re seen to be doing something about it, then it will certainly help.

It Shows Your Human Side

As a business, it can often lack a human side because it’s an entity and not a physical person. However, when it comes to social media, you can take advantage of what it can bring to your customers and show its human side, even if that’s multiple people. A lot of brands will have customer support and social media teams that will use the platforms to respond to queries via direct messages or in the comments section of a post.

They may even put their names at the end of the conversation, so the customer knows that they’re speaking to a human being and not some faceless customer support person.

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Try to focus on finding more ways to build humanity into your social media so that your business isn’t just a faceless enterprise.

Helps To Reward Your Customers & Drive Growth

In order to continue to provide growth and success, it’s worth looking at rewarding your customers every now and then in the form of competitions and giveaways.

A lot of brands are taking the opportunity to be able to give away something from their company or to collaborate with other brands in order to grow their social media channels and drive traffic to their website.

It’s worth doing this and setting a few tasks that the customer must do in order to enter. This can be tagging other friends and following all those brands involved in the giveaway.

It can be a great opportunity to really boost the following of your social media channels but to also give back to your customers in the form of freebies!

Builds A Community Feeling

It’s great to see that more and more of us are using social media to interact with businesses. Whether they want to save a video from Instagram of an outfit, they want to end up buying or to interact with other customers of the brand.

Building a community feel to your business is important because it helps to create longevity and word of mouth promotion. Word of mouth is free advertising, and by creating a community feel, you’re going to get others wanting to be a part of it.

Utilize your platforms and use your social media to be more interactive with your customers. Encourage them to talk to one another and to create conversations.

If you’re looking to improve your relationships with the customers, then social media can certainly be helpful. Use these tips to help improve your relationships and to further succeed with your business.


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10 thoughts on “How Social Media Can Help Your Relationship With Your Customers”

  1. I love social media and connecting with others. It’s been a long time since I’ve been super engaged on Twitter. I used to attend twitter parties, start conversations with others, and more. Time to get back to the basics.

  2. Social Media is such an important part of our lives and of our business especially nowadays! These are great tips!

  3. I agree with this. Social media helps a lot to your business, they can easily reach you. I love how the business grows with the help of all social media platforms.

  4. Social media can be a great asset for all the reasons you mentioned. I get a kick out of some of the funny things the big brands share on Twitter.

  5. Honestly, I really believe in the fact that social media can help businesses so much, it helps them connect and helps customers feel closer to the brands they buy from.

  6. Jennifer Van Haitsma

    I love social media as a way to connect with my readers! I don’t go live very often, but I will have to get back into that habit soon.

  7. Pam Wattenbarger

    I totally agree with all of these things! I have started working on my Facebook page and I’ve noticed that my readers really open up and talk.

  8. I’ve found that social media can really help me connect with clients and potential clients if I put in the effort to connect with them. Answering their questions and being more than a screen emptily promoting myself has worked well for me.

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