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How to Bring the Beach Home (no matter where you live)

You see I am sitting here freezing in the cold New Hampshire winter dreaming of a day at the Atlantic Ocean again. Do you see that photo above? It’s a photo from our York, Maine vacation we had not that long ago in November. It may have been off-season, but boy was it so refreshing to get a little “salt water therapy” with my family.

Since I can’t really venture to the ocean again until warmer temperatures arrive, I wanted to bring some ocean home with me. That’s why I decided to share this article with a variety of ideas, such as the Riverside Designs steel decoration pieces that you can not only save some cash on (see promo at the end of this blog post), but give you a sense of calm that comes with a beach day — without leaving your house!

Whether you’re into the beach or not, I’m confident that these tips will help you make your home or special room feel cozy. I’m telling you, whatever I can do to make my home feel cozy during the winter months is so worth it to me!

Here are some suggestions on how to make any room feel like you’re at the beach with things that most people already have around their homes or can find easily enough.

Bring the ocean indoors with colorful accessories. 

Add some indoor/outdoor coastal pillows to your sofa or love seat for comfort and style.  Try to stick to colors that you already have in your room such as blues, greens, and light gray/beige.  This makes the room more cohesive and easier on the eyes.

You can also try pillow covers with coastal-themed prints such as anchors, seagulls, or sailboats.  And of course, there are always surfboards!

Other accessories you may consider adding to your room include:

  • Anchors for the nautical feel
  • Seagulls for a coastal-breeze effect
  • Seashells to fit with the beach vibe
  • Fishbowls instead of just fish
  • Word Wall Decor

Whether you opt to decorate your entire home or beach home with a nautical theme or you just want to redesign one room in your home, such as a bathroom, I’m confident these ideas will surely get you started on the right path.

Now, before you click off the page, remember I said I had a promo for you?! Well, it’s right there below this text – go ahead and use it to save some cash while you make plans to bring the beach home no matter where you live …

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