How to Buy Reliable Key Fobs

A car key fob is an automotive smart key with electronic access and authorization system to your car. It is also a part of your car’s antitheft system, including your car’s computer, immobilizer, and transmitter. If you intend to buy a car key fob online, you have to be extremely careful. Note that there are hundreds of styles of automotive key fobs, and determining the one that will match your car is the real work.

Ensure you have your car details

The electronic components inside key fobs are usually different, including the computer chip to start a car. That is why you can encounter a car key fob online that you think can fit your car only to find out that it is for a different car model to yours. Before purchasing a car key fob online, ensure you know the model, brand, and VIN.

Even when you call a car key expert for key fob programming, they will ask you if you have your car’s VIN. If you have a working key fob of your car, search for a small sticker on the backside that indicates the serial number and the FCC numbers of your car key fob. You can write all the numbers down to help you know the correct car key fob for your car when shopping.

Beware of low prices online.

Car key fob scams exist online so beware of low prices online as you may be dealing with scammers posing as fob programming experts. The internet may seem like an excellent place to save some money when purchasing your fobs but beware because it may not be the smartest place to buy new fobs. Cheap fobs are often from aftermarket sources made of the lowest quality materials and electronic components available.

Shop and compare with a local locksmith

Before buying a car key fob online, it is recommended to shop and compare as this local car key expert in Columbus, Ohio suggested. Most online resellers don’t charge any less than local car key experts who provide the same products and services with labor and warranty included in the cost. Ask what the total cost of the entire job will be upfront. A professional and reputable car key expert can give you a precise price without beating around the bush.

Realize some cars need a locksmith

The truth is, your car may need the services of a locksmith when creating a new key fob as well as key fob programming to make it work. Working with a local car key expert is way more advantageous than heading back to the dealer or dealing with online fob resellers.

Some locksmiths won’t warranty parts from online markets since you can never be sure of their quality. Also, remember that not all online fobs are good to buy because some cars may require the original OEM smart key fob, which is expensive.

The bottom line

The bottom line is that calling a locksmith is way better than buying your car key fob online without a warranty. Professional car locksmiths specialize in all car key services, including key fob programming.


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