How to Choose Between Long Haired and Short Haired Cats

Adopting an adorable cat can be a huge choice for your household. Cats often bring so much joy to a home that we can all see why you would want to bring one (or maybe two) into your home.

How do we decide between long haired and short haired cats though?

Both have their pros and cons. Either would be a great addition to most homes but some are better suited to certain kinds of homes than others. That is what we are going to discuss today.

Long Haired Cats

Long haired cats – like the himalayan cat breed – are often a prime choice for an accomplished cat owner. They give off a regal glow as they walk through a room and our long-haired friends are often associated with royalty. They are less common than their short haired relatives. This could add to their upper-class appeal. There are a few considerations that need to be taken into account before choosing a long-haired feline though. These cats require some human grooming to keep their tidy cloud status in check.

Since there is more hair on these cats, you can expect a greater chance of matted fur and hairballs. You will also be expected to comb their hair if it gets too long. Otherwise, their hair will become tangled and knotted. Which can lead to a grumpy cat. In hotter months, these cats will also shed more hair so be sure to up your cleaning routine.

These long-haired cats can be the perfect option for those that are willing to put the effort in. If you like the idea of grooming your cat often and showering it with attention that a long-haired cat might be for you. Let us be honest, who would not want a fluffy cloud roaming around their house?

Short Haired Cats

Our short-haired counterparts are another great option for the home. If you want a low maintenance addition to your family then look no further. A short-haired cat can be a great first-time option because they do not require a ton of expertise to own and maintain. They are often adaptable and can work in a wide range of home settings. Plenty short-haired cats happily live with dogs and small children.

They are all too common as well, which means you will find it easy to find more advice on how to treat these kinds of cats if you run into any issues. If you wanted to go to the extreme end of short-haired cats, you could look at the Sphynx. They are hairless so they must keep their body temperature up because they are used to hotter climates.

How to Choose Between the Two

Decide based on what you value you most and how you will choose to spend time with your cat. Our long-haired friends require more effort, you need to be on top of your household chores to ensure a happy healthy cat. Their look can be very attractive though. Not many of us could deny that cuddling a big fluffy cat would be an enjoyable experience.

It depends on your personality as well. Himalayan cats are often lap cats. Bengals are often high energy cats. If you have a house full of young children Himalayan cats will not enjoy their fur being pulled by your inquisitive child. Furthermore, if you are a single person who is dedicated to their career, the Bengal will hate being stuck inside all day without much interaction. Understanding what you want from a pet will make the decision process a lot easier.

Ultimately, both types of cat are lovely options. Consider a range of different breeds, go to cat shelters, and see which one clicks with you personally. Having hands on experience with both long-haired and short-haired cats will help you find the right companion for your home.


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2 thoughts on “How to Choose Between Long Haired and Short Haired Cats

  1. I’ll be honest, I really don’t care. Love all those little critters the same. It’s breaking my heart right now because I can hear the little kitten in the alley crying. He/she got separated in the neighboring alley that has hight walls. I don’t have an easy way to rescue it.
    My next plan of action is to order a trap. Then post a note on the building next door offering to catch the kitten. Need to it to a safe place ASAP!

    1. Awwww I hope that you can get the kitty safely! I love all animals, so I do agree on not really caring if long or short haired 🙂

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