How to Detox from Negative Media

I watch it from afar, many people starting to feel major anxiety, depression and other negative feelings as they consume their minds with negative media. As far as I’m concerned everything you watch is biased in one way or another.

It doesn’t matter what you believe, or what side of the political aisle you walk down, the media is biased and it fills our minds with negativity.

This negative media, regardless of a right-wing or left-wing agenda, fuels anxiety, fear, and depression in each of us. When you consume too much negative media you have a difficult time finding hope and light in the world.

This holds true regardless of a pandemic. It happens every single day and has been happening for many years.

The negative media has started to divide us as people. Many no longer practice the concept of “let’s agree to disagree” and far too many people I truly care about have fallen down this negative rabbit hole into a state of pure aggressiveness that makes my heart ache.

Every few days I see “influencers” who once held a team mentality fall apart and start attacking other “influencers” for what they choose to believe or share on their profiles. The sheer number of adult bullies is out of control, and I don’t like using the word “bully”, so it has to be extreme and out of control if I am seeing it as a bullying scenario.

It’s a sad world when we start seeing mutual respect disappear. The concept of being able to be the “bigger person” by simply agreeing to disagree or just unfollow/unfriend this person has completely disappeared.

I watch as “bullies” sit behind a computer screen and take screenshots, essentially stalking these “influencers” that dare share a different view than they believe. These adult bullies share the screenshots publicly on their profiles demanding that people attack them, unfriend them and in some cases, wish harm upon them and their family.

Why not just scroll on by if you don’t agree or don’t like what someone shares or says? I do it all day long, without broadcasting it or putting another person’s view down. It’s not that difficult to do.

Instead, it’s all about “reporting their posts” and “demanding mutual friends disconnect” from following them.

Does it really need to be some dramatic scene?

Does it really need to come down to adults being bullies?

Do you really need to attempt to ruin another human being’s life because you simply don’t agree with the biased or non-biased information they share?

Oh, please.

Lord help us all if this is how society is going to be.

I firmly believe that if we, as a society, started detoxing from negative media and placing a limit on our adult consumption of media then more of us may just be kinder, less anxious and perhaps be more open to the positive side of things.

This is why I decided to share a few simple ways you can start detoxing yourself from negative media. I’m not telling you what to do or how to respond or any of that, after all we all are born with free will.

I’m simply trying to share a way to help you open your mind up to the negative person you may have become due to consuming too much negative media. If you’re not open to this concept, then, by all means, close out the browser and read something else.

It won’t hurt my feelings, I promise. I don’t expect everyone to agree with me. I’m actually quite used to being wrong, but I continue to do what I’m passionate about – spreading positivity so that each of us can be a better individual.

News Flash – Everything is Biased

It’s all biased, every piece of information you read online, including this blog post. I have my own beliefs, so I write from a state of mind that comes from those beliefs. This means even the average blogger is biased one way or another.

However, being biased doesn’t make you wrong and it doesn’t give you the right to define which “biased media” is correct. It doesn’t give you the right to become a bully and ruin someone’s business, and life because you disagree with their “bias” shares or “preference to spread positivity instead of fear or negativity”.

Please try to consider using my tips below to detox yourself from negaive media. I hope that you’ll try it and see how it helps you with reducing stress, anxiety and in turn boosting your positive mindset.

Ways to Detox from Negative Media

15-Minute Relaxation Technique

If you find that you’re feeling tense or negative after watching media or surfing social media then you need to pause and try this 15-minute relaxation technique. Again, this is all about being in tune with your body and thoughts as opposed to focusing on someone else.

  • Select a quiet spot to sit alone.
  • Close your eyes and take in a few deep breaths.
  • Notice a difference of how you’re feeling as you take these deep breaths in a quiet space.
  • Notice where your tension is and how you currently feel. Your jaw may be clenched, shoulders tight, etc.
  • These tight spots are all due to you consuming too much negative media.
  • Start using mindful mediation as a way to relax your body as you detox from negative media.
  • Do this each time you start to feel tense or as if you’re out of control of your own mind and body.
  • HigherDOSE – Detox and Heal at Home with Infrared Sauna Blanket.

Clear Out Negative Energy

Unlike me, who went and watched the drama unfold the other day, you really should just clear out the negative energy in your social media feed. If you’re unable to be the bigger person and agree to disagree by scrolling by and not letting someone else get you feeling negative, then just remove them without saying a word.

  • Review how much negative media you consume.
  • Remove or mute anyone on social media that makes you feel tense.
  • Limit your news media watching to a minimal, or as-needed basis so that you’re not getting brainwashed by the constant biased negativity.
  • Sooth your body with MORPHO topical CBD oil balm.

Start Your Day Without Negative Media

Something that helps my life feel better during this craziness is to not start my day off by watching negative media. I refuse to surf social medai at the start of my day and I refuse to watch any mainsteam news network at the start of my day. This has done wonders for my mental health and allows me to keep from getting brainwashed in any one biased direction or the other.

  • Make a schedule of how you’ll start your morning.
  • Stick to a postiive routine that allows you to do some relaxation techniques or gratitude journal writing so you can start each day off happier.
  • Try to get the family involved in a new morning routine that encourages positive mental health so that you have a team behind you during this adjustment.
  • Consider getting some Eucalyptus Greenery to brighten up the home.

I hope that you’ll practice some of these tips to detox from negative media so that you can start repairing whatever has broken inside of you that causes you to be an adult bully, or “mean person” to everyone in the world who dares disagree with you.

I hope that this list of how to detox from negative media will help you become more balanced as a person because we cannot unite as human beings if we’re not first looking internally to be a better individual every day.


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