How to Handle Criticism at Work

How to Handle Criticism at Work

No one ever achieved all of their career goals without facing a little adversity along the way. Still, it’s never fun to have to deal with criticism from clients, coworkers, or bosses. The key to success in business isn’t avoiding tough situations altogether, but rather managing them with grace and aplomb. Here, we’ll explore a few positive techniques for taking criticism in stride so that you can move forward with confidence:

Actively Listen to the Criticism

It’s very easy to dismiss criticism as unjust or off-base. After all, no one likes to hear that they’ve failed to meet expectations or that they’ve made a mistake. And while some criticism really may be unfounded, it’s important to listen to the criticism and examine it objectively first. If you’re having trouble making sense of a critique on your own, ask for a friend or trusted coworker to review the criticism with you. Note, don’t just ask them for support or to agree with your conclusions. Make sure to solicit their genuine opinion on the matter.

Always Respond Respectfully

In the corporate world, respect is not always a given. Customers, clients, and fellow team members may occasionally cross the line and interact with you in a mean-spirited or vindictive manner. Yet, it’s vital not to engage in puerile name-calling or unproductive quarreling. Responding with respect is a sign of character and self-belief and it will serve you well in a number of areas –– not just business.

Take a Breath

Working closely on a project for weeks or months can cloud your perception of it. It’s important to distance yourself from your work from time to time so that you can gain some much-needed perspective. Doing this will help you tackle criticism and find productive solutions to problems.

Learn from It

The best professionals are constantly on the hunt for knowledge. Though hearing criticism may be unpleasant at first, it does afford an opportunity to learn and grow. Also, ambitious individuals should actively seek out learning programs on their own. Taking steps to expand your skill set through custom elearning development, for example, is always beneficial.

Stand Up For Yourself

As mentioned above, it’s always key to speak with your peers in a respectful manner both in and out of the office. However, if criticism is verifiably wrong, then don’t be afraid to stand up for yourself. Remember to always address the unfair criticism and not the person criticizing you, though. There’s a big difference between the two in terms of business communication.

Final Thoughts

Dealing with criticism can be quite tricky, but if your heart is in the right place and you truly want to become better at your job, then it’s something you need to focus on. Thankfully, the above tips will help you handle any criticism that comes your way!



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