How to Have a Fun Weekend with Your Teenager

Teens can get easily bored and yet, most of them would rather sit in their rooms than go out and spend the weekend with their family. Why? Because they probably think parents are boring to be with. Change this perspective by giving them a weekend that they will never forget. Here are some activities you can do with your teenager to create an unforgettable weekend: 

Sponsor a Paintball Session

Your teenager might say that you are a cool parent when you treat them to a paintball session. Aside from giving them a fun weekend, you also give them a good workout with all the running and hiding that you would do together. If your child likes it a lot, they might even want to join a paintball team

Head to a Comedy Club

You can bring your child to a comedy club for a rambunctious night of laughter. If you can’t find one in your area that allows teenagers, you can just do improv. Invite his friends over and head to a coffee shop and ask if you can host a stand-up show. Who knows, your child might find their true calling and make it a regular weekend gig. Of course, with your guidance. 

Go on a Date 

Sometimes, life gets too busy, and the only time that you have for quality time with your child is during dinner. Even that can be difficult. Maybe the reason they are aloof is because they miss you. Plan a date night for just the two of you. If you have more than one teen, alternate weekends. When you go out with your child, make sure that you are invested in your time together. Listen to their stories, and you’ll soon realize that they are growing up fast, and you should enjoy this stage. You can go to dinner or see a show that you know your child would enjoy. 

Set a Weekend Game Time

If going out is not an option or not of interest, you can still have a memorable weekend with your child. You can set up your garage and transform it into a game room every weekend. Here you can play all sorts of games from – board games to card games to pool, or just about anything that your child is into lately. This activity is also an excellent way to learn about your child’s interests. As for you, use this time to enjoy yourself like a child. Forget about all the stresses that are weighing you down and have fun. 

Go on a Surprise Trip

Nothing excites teenagers more than going on a trip. It doesn’t have to be far from your place, but somewhere they haven’t been to would be great. Teenagers love the idea of thinking about what they can expect from a place, especially if it’s wildly unfamiliar to them. For instance, you can go on a hiking trip and watch those frowns turn into smiles once they see the wonderful beauty of nature. 

Attend a Concert

Know what music your child is into and buy tickets for a concert by their favorite artists. You’ll be elevated to parent of the year in no time. 

While spending a weekend alone can be a good thing to help parents make sense of their life, it’s also nice to spend it with the people most dear to us – our children. Sometimes, we focus so much on planning out their future that we forget to live in the present and miss out on a lot of essential things. 


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