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How to Hire Ghostwriters for Your Blog

Blogging is a tedious process. As someone who has been blogging for a while now, I know how challenging and time-consuming a blog could be. There might be instances where you don’t have enough time, or your work-life balance is, well, unbalanced, or you can’t put your thoughts into words. And a million other problems, but a relatively simple solution, get someone else to do the job.

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This might seem counterintuitive, but it can be of great help to have someone pen down your ideas on the canvas. When you start your blog, you are most likely able to cater to your audience alone. However, as the number of visitors increases, it might become overwhelming for you to keep up with the growth all on your own. A dedicated team of ghostwriters can be just what your blog needs. However, it should be noted that while hiring ghostwriters is a great idea, it can cause several issues if the wrong people are given the job.

If you end up with lousy blog writers, you might:

  • Miss your deadlines
  • Waste hours editing the content
  • Get poor quality posts, grammar, and spellings
  • Waste your hard-earned money

Therefore, it is always important to analyze the capabilities and abilities of a ghostwriter before hiring them. Here, I will highlight some of the steps you can take to hire a ghostwriter for your blog posts.

When to Hire a Ghostwriter?

It is crucial to understand and identify the point at which you must hire a ghostwriter. If you are starting with your blog, then perhaps it is not a good idea to utilize the services of a ghostwriter. However, if you are running a high traffic blog, then there arise two possibilities:

  1. You are running a blog solely about yourself, your life, and your thoughts and dreams. In this scenario, it is not recommended to hire a ghostwriter for your blog as the writer might not portray your writing style and your general thoughts.
  2. If you are not running a self-based blog and are struggling to keep up with the keywords and topic ideas, or are just tired to write further blogs, then hiring a ghostwriter might be a great solution to your expanding online presence.

If you are in situation number two, then a few good ghostwriters are worth the investment. Just make sure they are up to the mark in terms of quality writing.

What to Look for in a Ghostwriter?

Now comes the critical part. You have decided to hire a ghostwriter for your blog. GREAT! But what should you look for in your potential content writers? Your requirements might vary according to your specific blog type. However, here I will provide general guidelines for analyzing the ghostwriters in terms of their credibility.

  • Experience – your prospective ghostwriters must have at least some relevant writing experience in your particular niche or blog type. If you are running a lifestyle blog, hire a lifestyle blogger, not someone specializing in tech writing. Hiring ghostwriters who specialize in your area of interest is recommended. It helps to reduce the overall dependency of the writers on you and increases the possibility of a better, more insightful, and professional blog.
  • Language and Grammar – your writer might resonate with your mindset and tone but ends up writing broken sentences with poor grammar and misspelled words, which indicates that your search is not over yet. Hiring a ghostwriter that can write correct sentences is vital for your blog.
  • Portfolio – it is of paramount importance that your writers have a portfolio of their works to showcase to help you identify the credibility of the content and whether they are suited to your needs.

Note: If you are unsure of the legitimacy of their portfolio, you can ask them to send you a short sample on a topic of your choosing to check for originality.

  • Knowledge – content writers, must possess basic knowledge of SEO and keyword search. If a ghostwriter understands the importance of relevant keywords and hyperlinks to generate traffic, they are better positioned to provide quality content for your blogging needs.
  • Tone – this specific trait varies according to your blog type. You must ensure that the writer can match and mimic your tone of writing while maintaining consistency. If the tone of your blog changes from a serious and professional tone to a humorous and funny, your audience might disconnect from your content and stop reading your blogs. However, it must be noted that no matter how great a person mimics your writing style, they can not be 100% identical; that is just unrealistic. The key is to get as close as you can get.
  • Commitment – it is vital to ensure that whoever you work with has the will and motivation to stay committed to their work. Try to identify how well the ghostwriter can receive your advice and implement it in their writing. This will be a good test to figure out whether they are a match for your needs.

Where to Find a Ghostwriter?

Finding a ghostwriter is easy. There are a number of platforms you can search for ghostwriters for your blog posts. Some of the steps you can take are:

  • Draft a well-defined post covering the essential eligibility criteria, the job description, the monetary package, and any other requirements you deem fit.
  • Post on various social media platforms such as Facebook groups, Twitter, or even Instagram. These sites are one of the biggest platforms for freelancers to find work. According to Statista, around 37% of the US freelancers found work through social media in 2019.
  • The next step is to filter out the right people. Check the responses and evaluate the motivation behind them. If a person writes a single sentence response, they are not the best candidate. While filtering out, maintain a list of prospective writers who you must test in the next step.
  • Make the writers provide their portfolios and samples to evaluate their credibility. Choose the best candidate and make the offer after all other evaluations. If the deal goes well, Congratulations. If not, then go to the next writer from your list, and the search continues.

Hiring a ghostwriter might be a tedious process. From identifying the needs to evaluating the worthiness of the candidates, the process is exhausting and time-consuming. However, if you want to maintain your growing blog, hiring ghostwriters is the best way to keep up with the rising online traffic. Just make sure that you are selecting the right person for the job so you can have that break you deserve.


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