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How To Keep Your Clients Happy When You WFH

These days, more and more people are now working from home. In the last few years the way that we work changed dramatically. Many people now find themselves sat at a table or desk at home rather than in the office.

It’s fair to say that the Customer experience is likely to have changed as a result. However, it’s still hugely important that you keep your clients happy when you work from home.

Below, you will find a few tips that can help you to keep your clients happy when you WFH.

Always Be Transparent

Always be transparent whenever you work with or communicate with a client. This will help you to build trust.

Try to keep your clients updated with any changes in your plans. When you update your clients they will feel better informed and appreciative.

Keep Communication Personal

Keep all communication personal, if you can. Do this by:

  • Writing your client’s name at the start of every email
  • Calling your client by their name when you speak to them.
  • Talk about the weather, news items, and more so you build a rapport

When you use a client’s name they will automatically feel as if you care a little more.

Actively Listen To Your Clients

Many people will tell you that sales people talk too much. This is something you should avoid doing.

Rather than talking too much make sure you listen to your clients. Their point of view is very important.

Be sure to summarize what your client has said so they know they’ve been heard. Confirm that your summary is indeed correct.

Ask a few follow-up questions so you know you understand what your client is communicating to you. Finally, follow up with an email that details what you and your client spoke about.

Use A Range Of Digital Tools

Opt to use a range of digital tools that can make your working life easier.  Consider using project management tools to help.

  • Tools such as these can ensure that you can gain access to your client’s details and your projects at all times.
  • There are apps you can download to your work phone.
  • There is software that you can install on your computer. Use digital tools to help make life easier.

Have A Dedicated Work Space

One of the best things that you can do when working from home is to have your own work space. A dedicated work space can help you to focus.

If you work from the kitchen or dining room it may not feel like work. Instead, put a desk in a corner of a room.

When you work this way you can stay focused on your tasks. You could also find what work is less likely to take over your life.

Use all of these tips to help you to keep your clients happy. They can make a difference to your relationship with your clients. A happy client means more business for you.


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