As a former administrative assistant for about 10 years, I’m all too familiar with mail merge using Excel. This feature is something that everyday people can use to send holiday cards, thank you notes, and birthday cards to their loved ones. Mail merge is also quite useful in the business world. You can learn how to mail merge with Excel to send client thank you cards, birthday cards, and company event announcements with ease.

Learning how to mail merge with Excel using Gmail can open a whole new world of communication for you. I am not sure what you use for your email client, but Gmail is by far my favorite one. I have all of my blog and business email accounts linked to one Gmail account. This makes it super easy to use mail merge with Excel in Gmail for both personal and business purposes.

How can I improve my communication skills in business?

One of the most important parts of a business is effective communication. I’m a huge advocate for maintaining in contact with your clients, and employees if you have them. Communication is one part of both a business and your personal life that can make or break you. Using mail merge Excel will help you stay in constant communication for important information that needs to be handed down to others on your team.

There are a few ways you can work to improve your communication skills in business:

  • Practice good listening skills and paying attention to what others on your team say when they’re speaking to you.
  • Collaborate with others, no matter how high up in the business you are. Teamwork makes the dream work!
  • Invest in the right tools that help with business communication, such as those that will help you with mail merge in Excel using Gmail.

What are the two components of mail merge?

There are three components of mail merge with Excel. The first component is the input, such as the data source you use that has all of the addresses, names, and details that are necessary for the Excel mail merge using Gmail. The other component of mail merge is the main document, and in this case, it would be your Gmail email template. The final and third component of mail merge would be your finalized mail merged document, in this case, a set of emails created for everyone on your Excel datasheet.

I’ll admit that mail merge was rather intimidating to me back in my younger years. While I did take an advanced computer course in high school, technology has changed so much over the years that my old mail merge lessons are irrelevant in today’s world. It’s important that you take the time, like me, to learn the newest methods for mail merge.

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How to Mail Merge with Excel

Below you’ll find step by step instructions for how to send mail merge with Excel using Gmail. If you have a list of contacts, including email addresses, as an Excel file and want to send a mail merge email then these instructions will get you there.

Start with an Excel sheet that has all of your data. Your Excel file should have at least a name and email address. One column for first name, second column for the last name, and a third column named email address.

Import your Excel mail merge file into Google Sheets. Since Gmail is a Google email client, you’ll need our sheet data inside Google to mail merge with Excel using Gmail.

How to Import Excel File into Google Sheets

Log into your Google account. Go into your Google Sheets account, and click to upload a new file into your Google Sheets account. You can complete this step from your Google Drive main screen. Click “New” on the left side of your Google Drive screen, select “File Upload” and upload your Excel sheet into your Google Sheets account through the main Google Drive account.

This will convert your Excel sheet to a Google Sheet and be found within your Google Drive, or Google Sheets account.

Continue with Mail Merge with Excel Using Gmail

Now that your Excel sheet is in Google Sheets, it’s time to edit your file to allow it to work with GMass for mail merge in Excel using Gmail.

You may notice that you have a column name for each row in your Excel sheet. If you want to be confident that your mail merge in Excel using Gmail works with GMass, then remove any of the columns that have extra texts or blank spots. This doesn’t include the “field name” such as the column that says, first name, last name, or email address title.

Remove any rows that are showing as blank rows above your data, you can do this by selecting to delete rows, 1, 2, etc that are creating a blank row above your data.

Your final Google sheet will have the name filed in the top row – FirstName, LastName, EmailAddress along with the data that matches each column underneath. See the example below.

Once your Google Sheet is cleaned up like this, it’s ready to use with GMass to complete your mail merge with Excel using Gmail.

Now, go into your Gmail account and click on the red spreadsheet button that’s located near the top of your Gmail account to connect an email list from your Google Sheet data.

You’ll see that you have a list of Google Sheets if you have other Google Sheets in your Google account. Be sure to select the correct Google Sheet you created for mail merge with Excel using Gmail.

As soon as you have the correct Google Sheet selected, it’s time to start the mail merge with Excel using Gmail. You’ll see the “connect to spreadsheet” button in GMass, click that once the correct sheet has been selected.

Now you’ll see a screen where your emails and names are separated by commons in your “to” field of your Gmail email client. This will be shown in a new email screen within your Gmail account.

If you used a FirstName, LastName field you’ll see that GMass will automatically help create a more personalized message with tags to pull the correct name for each mail merge with Excel using Gmail email letter.

You now are ready to write your personalized message to send out to your mail merge with Excel list.

You can click the red GMass button to send your mail merge document out to everyone on your list that was pulled from your mail merge in Excel using the Gmail tutorial.

You’ll get a successful YOU DID IT response when every email has sent to your recipients correctly.

And that’s it! You’ve now learned how to use mail merge with Excel in Gmail with your GMass account. This is an excellent tool for your New Year’s business goals! Use mail merge with Excel using Gmail anytime you want to keep open communication between yourself and employees, clients or customers.

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