When my middle child was younger I had to adjust my spontaneous fly by the minute personality to a more stable, routine driven personality. It wasn’t easy to do this at first, but eventually having a daily schedule became my normal. The household had an established schedule with things like taco Tuesday, timeframes for activities, or watching television. There was a strict bedtime with an even stricter bedtime routine. This all helped my middle child after we realized he was on the spectrum and thrived on a routine or at least being prepared with “what comes next”.

We all adapted to what the middle child needed and it worked. We knew that if something was going to change that he had to have advance notice whenever possible. If he wasn’t notified in advance, it could turn into a full-blown meltdown or something worse. You see this is something many parents of children on the autism spectrum understand. Children and adults on the spectrum can have difficulties with changes to their daily routine. We learned. We adapted.

As my middle child got older I started becoming slightly more flexible and then we were homeless for 5 months so I think that helped him become more agreeable to change. When you’re living in a tent at campgrounds, hotel rooms at various hotels, and some weeks in your vehicle, you learn to adapt to your daily life, or at least my son did. I’m not sure if it was the being homeless for 5 months or something else, but my middle child became a teenager and started to be more adaptable.

We can now have a somewhat flexible schedule. He no longer throws tantrums or has a meltdown over a slight schedule change or other things that would have set him off in his younger years. I know I did work hard with him over the years to see if I could get his rigid need for notification of changes reduced because life is unpredictable. I wanted to help him cope with changes that upset him in new ways, and start to learn how to handle life better because eventually he’ll be an adult and realize you cannot control every aspect of every day.

So anyway, that’s my story of why I started having a daily schedule. That was nearly 7 years ago when my spontaneous fly by the moment personality had to tone down and become a daily schedule sort of person.

Now I create a daily schedule for other reasons, such as ensuring I’m making the most of my time I have for work-at-home hours and homeschooling hours. Since I need a change every so often in my life, I make a daily schedule and use it for a bit until it starts to feel wrong for me, and then I adjust it again.

How to Create a Daily Schedule

Today I’m going to share how I make a daily schedule for work-at-home. I wanted to help you become more intentional and mindful with your time as I’ve started to do since the year 2020 rolled into town.

Use the Right App(s) or Website(s)

Some families use the Cozi app to ensure every family member is aware of the daily schedule. This is a great way to know what is on the grocery list or contact your spouse while they’re at work so they can grab something when they’re on their way home or meet you at the kid’s event/game. I use Asana, Trello, and Google Calendar to keep myself on track with a daily routine.

  • Cozi is great for families who have hectic schedules and want to keep everyone in the loop.
  • Asana is wonderful because it lets me drag and drop my daily tasks with ease. This helps me stay efficient in my juggling of multiple freelance writing clients, my websites, and my online courses I’m taking.
  • Trello is something I like using alongside Asana because it helps me brainstorm ideas, share those ideas with my eldest child who assists me, and just have a running list of goals or ideas to work within one space.
  • I love using Google Calendar for tracking client payments, such as jotting down when clients will be paying for their monthly renewals and when bills are due. This helps my other half and I plan our weekly/monthly budget together.
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Write a List of your Daily Tasks

Once you figure out which app(s) or website(s) you’ll use to create a daily schedule, it’s time to morph your daily tasks and workload into a schedule! Write down a list of your daily tasks for both personal and work-at-home stuff. Start putting this data into your app of choice, I like Asana so I put each client into Asana on a specific day of the week so I only focus on ‘x’ client(s) Monday, then another client(s) on Tuesday, Wednesday, etc. with Friday being my day off to start the weekend {usually}.

Over time you’ll start to adjust the schedule a bit, which is why I simply love Asana’s drag and drop feature. It makes it easier for me to move less-priority tasks over to later in the week should something come up in the household side of life or I have writer’s block and need another day to rejuvenate.

Think About Your Work Hours

As you’re working to set a day for each task or client, you’ll want to consider how many hours you aim to work each day. I used to work so much that I rarely took a break and would often miss out on time with my family. That’s a big no-no for me as of 2020. My aim in 2020 was to adjust my work hours to be no more than 5 hours per day focused on online work or revenue streams. This freed me up to homeschool better and live a more intentional life with my family!

I’m not sure what type of work hours you’re looking at with your work-at-home schedule, but you’ll need to think about it. Set a solid daily schedule 9 am to 5 pm or 2 pm to 8 pm. Make sure you have a timeframe so that your workday flows steadily as you work to create your daily routine and stick to a schedule.

I typically work from 12pm or so until 4pm sometimes 11am to 4pm, but I always am offline from work by 4pm to enjoy dinnertime, homeschooling stuff, and so forth with the family.

This was just the basics of creating a daily routine. It’s something to get you started in the right direction! I’m sure you’ll have to adjust it as time goes on, but sit down and do this right now so that you’re able to have some form of a routine in place to be more productive with your time each day. I wish you much success with your mission to create a daily schedule.

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