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How to Make Money Writing Online

Everyone has their niche of hobby and passion that they find the most worthwhile to pursue, and millions of you out there enjoy thidea of make money writing. But most of us spend our lifetimes only pursuing writing as just that, a simple hobby to do on the side. If you’ve ever dreamed of making a living from your writing or becoming an author you likely know that there are at least a few known ways to make money from writing and many more options when you venture into online writing.

So, how do you really make money from writing online? What can you do to use this as a worthwhile side venture or even make a living off of writing? Here are many of the methods out there that you could try and a breakdown of what each means for income and work.

What Making Money Online Looks Like

Making money online is a little complex, especially for those that know how to diversify their writing and hustle to be able to make the most income for their time spent. There are ways to make money residually from writing, and many ways to actively continue to earn or spend some time earning a little extra when you need some money at the last minute. You could focus all your efforts into one starting idea or try to learn a few at once to get the most experience and money. As with most jobs of this type, it’s going to take some trial and error.

You may experience some time where you earn little to no money depending on what type of online writing you do and if you’re working on enough types of projects that help stagger your projects and earnings. And sometimes you’ll experience massive success. It’s going to be a major learning curve. It took me 16 years to be able to find where I am now in earning money through writing online, so this isn’t often an overnight thing to figure out what works best for you. But starting with some ideas can definitely get you on the right first steps. 

Side Hustle vs. Business; Which Works Best?

Some people decide to jump all in when they move from their current jobs to online writing or any other similar job concept from home. This can work great for some, but it can also be really unstable and is a large risk to take. It’s really up to you how you want to pursue your writing online job or jobs. If you need a stable and large income to survive and continue your life path the way it is, you likely want to write online as a simple side hustle at first to test the waters and determine what money you could bring in from doing this. 

But if you’re willing to take the risk, sometimes fully taking this all the way works better since you can devote more time and focus. Being able to truly dive in with your full energy can sometimes make a big difference when it comes to what income you see coming out of your writing online and any other work at home gig that is typically seen as a side hustle. And it gives you a lot of opportunity to create a business venture or diversify what you’re doing for online writing when you have the extra time. Choose which one works best for you!

Ways to Make Money Writing Online

Now that you know that information, let’s get into the nitty gritty of some of the ways you could actually make money online from writing and doing writing-related tasks. These are some of the ways to make money writing online as well as what you need to know about each topic. 


Let’s start simple, the one method that everybody tends to know about and the method I’ve been known to discuss most often since it’s where I got my start in writing online. Blogging can be a simple way to share your thoughts and writing, since most of us think of personal blogs when we hear these words (those websites that are just content based on life and inner thoughts). But, blogging actually has a lot of opportunities for earning money and it can be anything from personal to informational to business related sites. 

Making the most of blogging for earning money online is going to take some practice. You want to focus on a topic or group of topics that is truly your niche and passion to be able to write enough quality content that can be used for a site you create. And you’ll need to find information on website hosting, building your site, and how to best post your blog content once you’ve written it. There are tons of ways to get into making a blog and many more ways to truly dial it in once you’ve started. 

Blogging makes money through things like ad revenue, affiliate programs where you can promote products or services that will get you earnings when others sign up, product reviews for free products or compensated reviews of products, and much more. You want to pick writing about something you’re good at writing so that your blog will stand out from the crowd and be able to bring in good traffic for turning that traffic into revenue from ads, reviews, affiliate links, and so on. 


People out there are hiring writers online in droves for all kinds of different projects. There are many websites out there dedicated specifically to earning money as a freelance writer, and you can surf them for job postings or advertise your work. Social media groups for bloggers and content writers can also be a great networking option to find potential gigs or clients. While writing online as a whole can often be considered a freelance gig, taking more specific work projects through freelance sites can help you make a more reliable and tracked income.

Freelance writing online is great for people that are just starting out and need experience in a variety of topics or types of writing, since you can often find specifics about what the person hiring you needs in the initial job listing and work with your client to get the best results for what they need. It can also give you a reliable and trackable income in being able to specifically keep track of what gigs you’ve done and what you’ll earn for each project, instead of things like affiliate programs that rely heavily on interaction and can fluctuate constantly. 

Script and Transcription Writing

Script writing or doing transcription can be great for more creative minds or those that are able to just sit down for a while at a time to write. This is typically on the top of most side hustle based information articles out there that provide options for making money writing online, since it usually is a lower pay price and is based on per word for many gigs. Transcribing audio into written content can be a straightforward process and there are a lot of gigs out there dedicated specifically to this idea.

You could also look into script writing for things like podcasts, video creators, and more. Many people out there are looking to get into making money through publishing videos and podcasts and you could find hiring listings through freelance sites, social media, and other networking options out there. Script writing pays very differently depending on who is hiring you for the work and it definitely requires some creativity and out of the box thinking at times since you want to create something original or that brings in money for the videographer themselves too. 

Author a Book

This is the typical dream of any of us out there that wanted to be a writer when we grew up. Authoring your own book can be something that takes a lot of time and effort, and most people give up before they even start. How could you do this yourself online? Start with a topic or niche you want to write in, write your book, and learn how to self publish or approach a publisher for your book to get published. From there you can promote your book as well as sell it on different platforms or in person to make money! 

This process is infinitely more complex than just those few outlined steps especially depending on if you’re writing fiction, non-fiction, poetry, biographical, memoir-style, or any other type of book. The publishing options are different for each book type, and you will spend different amounts of time writing your initial book too. This is a great path for those that already feel a strong calling to writing books or have ideas already spinning to write about but you could try it out with a little practice and focus too. 


Another simpler option for making a little extra money online through writing would be editing and proofreading for other writers. These are often found through looking into freelance and gig-based websites since most writers that need editors or proofreading will post their needs that way nowadays. And it often has a lot less pay per gig if you’re doing simpler jobs, but editing gigs can be extensive and much higher paying if you find ones for large projects like author first drafts that need proofreading or editing and so on. 

Ghostwriting Content

If you want to write content like a blog but don’t want to build your own blog or website, or just want another side hustle for making money through content writing after you have your own start, ghostwriting content is a great option. Making money online through writing as a ghostwriter is simple. You can advertise your services as a ghostwriter or look for people hiring ghostwriters through job listing sites and freelance websites, then go from there. It’ll take a little practice since you may have to mimic the writing style of whoever you’re writing for. 

Ghostwriting is when you create content and are paid for your work to then allow the person you write for to use that content for their own website or book. Sometimes you will be credited as the author, and other times they will use their own name and attachments for the writing you create. This can vary depending on the gig you get, and the pricing for working as a ghostwriter depends on your experience, quality of work, knowledge, and what project you’re doing. Ghostwriting is often based on per-word or per-project pay so it can add up over time.

Finding Your Calling and Niche

Once you’ve thought of ideas like these, you have to figure out where you want to put the most effort into writing online and making some money. If you already have ideas, that’s great! Start researching how to use the idea you prefer to make money or looking for gigs online to start. Again, you’re going to make the best income if you choose ideas that are your passion and niche of choice rather than just working at whatever happens to come your way because it allows you to complete more writing of the best quality to make the most money. 

This isn’t the most extensive and detailed list of information you could find on making money online through writing, but it definitely has much of the most known and easy to try ways as well as more niche options people may not always think of. All of these can be great for beginners or experienced writers, and introductory options for trying to get into the world of writing online since moving from writing on paper to online can also be a huge jump for many of you out there. You can find more information about how to make money writing online or where to find jobs when it comes to some of these online writing methods by staying tuned in to my upcoming content and guides too. 


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