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How to Make the Most of Your Hotel Stay

Do you travel a lot? Are you looking for some travel hacks to make the most of your hotel stay? Do you want some tips to survive that next New England travel destination? If you said yes, yes, and yes then continue reading! 

How can I MAXimize my hotel stay?

Staying in a hotel for an extended period of time for pleasure or business travel means you must find ways to make the most of your hotel stay. I’ve researched ways to MAXimize my hotel stay based on what others have done and what’s worked for my family.

How to Make the Most of Your Hotel Stay

Today I’ve compiled a list of my favorite travel hacks that will help you make the most of your next hotel stay. Continue reading below for some awesome tips to help you make the most of your hotel stay. 

Keep the Lights Out

During our stay at a New England accommodation, we found that the “dark out” curtains were missing. This was not cool for a family that tends to work and homeschool on a second shift schedule. We found a travel hack that works to make the most of your hotel stay is to use the trouser hanger clips to hold the regular curtains shut. This helps keep the light out to maximize sleep.

Connect Netflix to Hotel TV

We’ve found that most of the 2-star hotels we stay at have a way to connect the TV to the wired internet, but aren’t able to connect to their WiFi network. This was rather frustrating, but if you’re staying at a hotel that allows you to get WiFi access, it’s a must to connect Netflix to the hotel TV. You can do this via WiFI or a game console, we used our Wii U.

Bring Your Own Tea or Coffee

While most hotels offer free 24/7 coffee, tea, and hot cocoa, they may not have the brand you prefer. We found this out the hard way in some hotels, the tea selection simply wouldn’t do for my tea lover kid. We also noticed that sometimes the coffee runs out or tastes nasty. This means it’s best to bring along your favorite tea or coffee in individual serving size baggies. 

Bring a Blanket & Pillow

The youngest child is very particular about what he uses for a pillow. This kid has always preferred to sleep nearly sitting straight up. That’s why we found one travel hack to make the most of your hotel stay is to bring your favorite blanket or pillow along. You’ll get a better night’s sleep when your body has something familiar to get comfortable with. 

Try For “Off the Books” Deals

Lastly, if you really want to make the most of your next hotel stay consider calling the hotel directly. We highly recommend Hotels.com for all hotel bookings, but honestly, we have found some good deals when we talk to the hotel directly. One hotel gave us a hefty discount when we extended our stay for another night while another hotel provided us with a free upgrade to a suite. You never know what deal you could get unless you ask – directly!

As you can see these travel hacks will help you keep clothes from wrinkling, allow you to sleep comfortably, and allow you to save precious money during your next hotel stay. I hope these tips serve you well during your next New England travel adventure. 

What tips would you add to this list to help travelers make the most of their next hotel stay?


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19 thoughts on “How to Make the Most of Your Hotel Stay”

  1. Those are are some great tips, will be sure to keep them in mind whenever I travel next. I usually bring a small pillow and maybe a book I can read to pass time.

  2. These are great tips and will definitely do this as we are going to stay at the hotel on my daughter’s birthday.

  3. My son loves to stay in hotels – he loves to jump on the beds! I forget to bring a roky or our amazon fire stick – that would be handy!

  4. I have started bringing something to get netflix on the hotel tv for the kids. It helps when they can have some normalcy.

  5. Yes to all of these! Especially the bring your own pillow and blanket part. lol I ALWAYS bring my own pillow and blanket. Usually the pillows can either be too fluffy or too flat that your head goes right through it and it is just so uncomfortable! Great tips! 🙂

  6. These are fun ways to enjoy a hotel stay. A good Netflix show after a long day of tour is relaxing. I am doing all of this for sure.

  7. These are great travel hacks. I need to remember to bring my own pillow next time. Sometimes the pillows are too soft for me.

  8. I always bring my Roku, some playing cards and books when I travel. They help me to relax. I also keep a pack of baby wipes with me. It is great for spills and to wipe surfaces.

  9. Great tips, I love booking quick getaways just to get out of the house and destress (working from home does that I guess) so these tips will come in handy often.

  10. These are all really good ideas. My daughters always like to bring their own blankets when we go to a hotel. I think it’s a great idea as well.

  11. Celebrate Woman Today

    These are excellent and very effective suggestions. We try to feel as comfy during our travel time as possible, especially when traveling for competitions.

  12. These are great tips. Sometimes not sleeping in your own bed can cause a lot of lost sleep. I will do anything to keep my sleep cycle healthy and for my kids too when we travel.

  13. I travel quite a bit and these are very helpful tips for me. I usually bring with me a light comforter as hotel sheets are SO COLD.

  14. Some days, I just want to book a hotel room somewhere nice to get away. I would surely bring my own coffee and just relax and work in peace!

  15. These are excellent tips. My kids always bring their PS4 with them when we travel. They use it to game and watch our streaming services.

  16. These are great ideas. I do want to make the places I stay in feel like comfortable like home as much as possible. Saving money is always helpful too.

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