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I haven’t spent much time writing about my content shop right here on the site! For bloggers, brands, and any website owner that wants fresh content for their site … I have the shop for you!

Whether you want PLR blog posts for automated newsletters, rewrite my PLR blog posts for fresh content on the blog, or want some Canva premade templates and exclusive content to use right now – I have it all!

I have done some major changes around the site to try to help with ease of use, and the ability for new visitors to see just what it is that I offer on this site. Below you’ll find a little navigation tutorial for Brandy Ellen Enterprises Shop, plus some more info to help you shop from my store!

Why Buy Exclusive Content?

Buying exclusive content will help you save time! I know it takes most of my blog friends hours to complete just one article. It’s not the writing part that’s time-consuming, it’s more so the formatting, images and so forth that makes this process time-consuming.

Buying my exclusive content is a fabulous way to have content that is 100% yours, but you never wrote it! This saves you so much time! You get a well-researched article that’s ready for you to put a call to action in, set the headings, insert images, and schedule or publish today!

I have plenty of testimonials and writing samples that people have been using as a reference to buy my exclusive content or PLR articles. Feel free to browse my references before purchasing from my online shop!!

I understand the value of buying from a reputable ghostwriter. I enjoy providing a service to others that helps them advance their business because my mission in life (and business) is to inspire others to live their best life!

If my content can help you save just a little bit of time each day and encourage you to advance your blog or business to the next level? Then I have done my part for the day!

Why Buy PLR Articles?

PLR blog posts or PLR articles are something that many are asking questions about. I have been familiar with PLR content since 2006 when I first dove into this arena. I wasn’t writing PLR content back then, nope! I was the one building websites & trying to resell them.

Today, I write PLR articles and PLR blog posts to help bloggers have content ready to copy and paste into their automated newsletter!

From my Self-Care Content PLR Pack to other options that will be uploaded throughout the year, PLR articles are more so for non-exclusive options unless you opt to rewrite PLR articles to pass Copyscape.

There are plenty of ways to use PLR articles, but the key is to remember that you don’t want to publish them as-is or they may be seen as duplicated content if someone else were to publish the content, too!

Why Buy From Brandy Ellen Enterprises?

I have been working from home as a writer since 2006. Prior to that, I worked outside of the home in various positions such as a cashier, bank teller, administrative assistant, and office clerk. I know what it takes to provide exceptional customer service, high-quality content, and ensure your customers are always content.

My biased opinion on why you should buy from my shop and hire my team to write for you is because I put customer service and the clients’ needs at the forefront of my mission.

My personal and professional mission is to provide creative ways for other people to build their empire.

When you buy from Brandy Ellen Enterprises, you are supporting a team of entrepreneurs, a family of five, and helping spark the confidence within every person on my team!

If you’re ready to take a chance on this 15+ year entrepreneur, then please go on over to Brandy Ellen’s Shop and have a peek at what we currently have available for sale.

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  1. What a great service. I know it takes a long time to get a blog post up. There are plenty of people that can take advantage of your services.

  2. I think this is great for those who want someone to possibly write for them. I personally love to write myself. I’ll have to share this with a few others who I know would love the help.

    1. I absolutely know what you mean! It has taken me 15 years of being an entrepreneur to realize that I need to outsource some of my work or else I will not make it to the next level with my business goals. I finally hired a team to write content for my sites while I continue writing content for my shop and building the other areas of my business 🙂 It’s been so helpful having a team of writers who publish regular content on the blogs I own. In the meantime, I’m so glad to know that I am that type of help for others who are buying content from my shop to supply their blogs with fresh high-quality content too. It takes a team to build an empire 🙂

  3. I am happy that you have found success in this field of work. I do have some friends who are trying to build their website and I am eager to let them know about your business.

    1. Thank you so much, Eileen! I appreciate your kind words and yes please, send over anyone that may be interested. I’d be happy to help more people!

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