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How to Relieve Back Pain at Home

Do you suffer from lower back pain? Does the pain keep you up at night or even prevent you from going out and enjoying life? If you’re struggling, know that there are options to help you get the relief you need. Once you know how to get some back relief at home with something like a Back Relief Lumbar Pillow you can reduce the inflammation and start to feel better.

While these methods may not cure the chronic back pain you experience, they’ll certainly ease the pain. As a result, you can start feeling comfortable enough to fall asleep or even go out and do all the things you love with ease.

Take a Hot Shower

One way to naturally relieve your back pain is to take a hot shower. Let your back face the water as it pours out of the showerhead. If you have a showerhead with adjustable speeds, you can put it on at a pace that feels best for you, standing and allowing the warm water to hit your back for several minutes gently. It can provide a soothing sensation that leaves you feeling slightly better, especially when your pain is at its worst.

Use a Good Cushion on Your Chair

If you sit for extended periods, consider using a pressure relief seat cushion on that chair. When you’re sitting for such a long time each day, you’re naturally putting pressure on your back without thinking about it. If you have a seat cushion on the chair, it relieves some of that pressure you’d typically put on your back. You wouldn’t have to worry about experiencing such severe pain when finishing work for the day. Not only does it prevent back pain, but the seat cushion can also increase your comfort while you’re seated.

Stretch as Often as You Can

While stretching might seem challenging when you’re in pain, it can help a lot. Try to stretch both your lower and upper body each day. Stand up with your feet next to one another and your arms extended above your head. Change positions with your arms stretched out in front of you. These are simple stretches that you can do to release tension and relieve some of the pain you’re experiencing. However, there are dozens of other stretches worth trying. It might even help you to watch YouTube videos on different stretches that help with lower back pain.

Rest on a Back Relief Lumbar Pillow

If you don’t have a Back Relief Lumbar Pillow for back relief, you’re missing out. It works wonders by reducing the pressure put on the back, releasing the tension, and increasing comfort. The lumbar pillow can help you improve your posture, relieving some of your back pain. Sometimes, people experience more back pain because they don’t sit or stand correctly. If you’ve noticed that your posture isn’t good, using a back relief lumbar pillow is an excellent idea.

Get a Comforting Massage

Massage therapy is another natural way to relieve back pain at home. You don’t need to see a professional massage therapist in order to get some much-needed relief. You can ask your partner, friend, or another family member to assist you by massaging the area of your back that hurts the most. If you don’t want to ask anyone else for help, you can still massage your back on your own using a portable handheld masse tool. Apply your favorite lotion to the skin before using the massage tool to work out any kinks and release the buildup of tension in your back.

Try Hot and Cold Therapy Combinations

Use both hot and cold therapy techniques to get relief. For example, you can sit with a heating pad on your back to help with reducing irritation. The heating pad eases tense muscles and provides a soothing sensation. After using a heating pad for 20-30 minutes, you can switch over to use an ice pack. The cooling sensation is a bit intense at first, but you’ll see how good something so cold can make you feel when applied to your back. Try to use the hot and cold techniques as often as possible to get relief and improve the way you feel.

Is It Possible to Get Rid of Back Pain at Home?

Although you might not be able to get rid of back pain altogether, primarily if it occurs because of a condition or serious injury you sustained long ago, it’s possible to get relief at home. You need to use the right tools and take specific steps to get relief from the chronic pain you usually experience. 

Give these simple yet convenient and practical techniques a try to see how much of a difference they can make for you. If you’re using hot and cold therapy, massaging your back, using a back relief lumbar pillow, and trying other natural methods, you’ll feel much better than expected.

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